8 Effective Beauty, Makeup And Fitness Secrets Of Princess Madeleine January 31, 2017

The princess of Sweden, Madeleine, is a beautiful and intelligent woman. She is fashionable, kind, pretty, and humble. Despite being the youngest of her siblings, she grew up into a responsible and straight headed person. It is her inner goodness that sets her apart. And her sense of style helps too!

Here’s all you ever wanted to know about the beauty, makeup, and fitness secret of Princess Madeleine!

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Beauty Secrets:

Not many women hold the privilege to be on the chart of world’s prettiest ladies. In the least, very few of them are born royals. Princess Madeleine happens to be a royal and as pretty as the stars. In the year 2011, CBS declared her one of the prettiest princesses of the world. So what makes the princes tick? Find out!

  1. Blessed By Nature: Princess Madeleine has deep blue eyes that are as clear as glass. She was also blessed with a radiant fair skin with pink cheeks and apple red lips. Nature was kind to her, that’s for sure!
  1. Brown Is The Word: Did someone say that Princess Madeleine has blonde hair? Oh no, the information seems to be inaccurate. This royal diva dyes her natural dark brown hair to blonde. However, her actual hair color looks as sassy as the one she usually chooses to have.
  1. Jewel It Up: Princess Madeleine is not just a fashion freak, she happens to have a great taste in jewelry too. It is a very common to spot her in big and antique diamond earrings. The royal lady happens to be in love with diamonds. Her rings, necklaces and bracelets are some of the rarest pieces ever put to auction or even display. She carries jewelry with utmost grace without doing anything fancy.
  1. Colors Of Her Life: Princess Madeleine has always been a kind hearted woman and has explored various shades of life. This is reflected in the array of colors she uses in her dressing style. The dressing quotient of this royal beauty surpasses the biggest of Hollywood stars. She has flaunted every color, ranging from coral pink to sky blue, sea green, black, white and much more. Still, blue seems to be the love of her life. No, I particularly don’t mean her eyes. Other than the royal black and classic white, she is mostly seen wearing different shades of blue dresses.
  1. Fashion Rating: This active socialite carries the royal legacy in her blood. She does not confine herself to a single style. It is for this reason that she is sometimes seen wearing traditional gowns and tiara. The other day, she is captured in casuals. Her dressing creates a lot of fashion buzz daily. She has been spotted in lace dresses, formal pants, sequined bodycon dresses, knee length formal skirts and jeans, off shoulder gowns, one shoulder dresses and much more. Par Engsheden and Akris are surely on the list of her favorite designers.

Makeup Secrets:

  1. A natural beauty like Princess Madeleine doesn’t need a lot of help to look beautiful. She usually uses a foundation and tops it up with a bronzer to bring out her natural beauty. She likes to keep her eyes dark, secretive, and deep. The princess uses dense layers of mascara (black, green and blue mainly) to make her eyes bigger, brighter and artistic.
  1. She has a special inclination towards using pink hue for her lips. Red and mauve happen to follow the usual pinkish tint in her list of favorite lip colors.

Fitness Secrets:

  1. Princess Madeleine has the body of gold. Her skin, hair and figure never reveal the fact that she is a mother of one. Her fitness quotient gives tough competition to her counterparts. Dancing, horse riding and taking healthy walks are the three pillars that give her the body, which everybody aspire for.

Princess Madeleine of Sweden is not just a princess by name. She leaves no stone unturned to make this world a little better. You can check out here to view Princess Madeleine photos.

Do you always perceive royals as shallow beauties? Has this article changed your mind a little? Share your views with us in the comments section below.

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