Top 10 Effective Home Remedies For Curing Stomach Bloating August 29, 2017

Ever had that strong feeling in your stomach like it is going to explode any moment? Many people try many things when they feel this stomach discomfort! From counting 1-10 and relaxing to trying Jedi-mind tricks that seldom work. Most times, all that you can possibly do is to wait for it to go away on its own. Do not fret, for help is at hand. You no longer have to wait for that uncomfortable sensation to pass, for the following home remedies will work in a jiffy!

Here are 10 home remedies for gas and bloating which actually does wonders.

Home Remedies for Bloating

1. H2O to the Rescue:

This plain and tasteless liquid is the simplest remedy for treating a bloated stomach. Water flushes the gases and sodium out of your stomach and reduces the bloating. When you feel bloated, drink several glasses of water. The more you drink, the BETTER!

2. Massage Away:

Stomach bloating is generally gas build up in your belly. Massaging helps to expel these gases quickly. Lie down flat and rub your stomach in circular motions for about 15 minutes, or until you can feel the bloating has. You will find instant relief with this remedy that does not cost a fortune!

3. Take A Walk:

This is one of the simple and effective bloated stomach remedies that help gas pass through your system effectively. When you experience bloating, just walk around for 10 minutes or pace up and down the stairs until the gas is expelled. Make sure you breathe through your nose while doing these exercises. You want to reduce the bloating and not make it worse!

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4. Fennel Seeds:

Indian curries aren’t the only use for these wonderful small green seeds. It is the fastest remedy for bloating. Chew a small amount of these seeds and watch them do their wonder to your bloated stomach in barely minutes! Plus, fennel seeds double as a mouth freshener. Two for two!

You could also boil a spoonful of fennel seeds in a glass of boiling water and drink it, to achieve the same results quicker!

5. Lemon and Baking Soda:

Squeeze a lemon into a glass and add some baking soda into it. You’ll see it fizz like a champagne bottle being opened. Continue adding baking soda until the fizz stops. Add a cup of water into it and stir until all the baking soda is dissolved. And there you have it, a recipe to a “bye-bye-bloat cocktail”

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6. A Short Tale of Ginger:

This strong smelling plant has plenty of medicinal uses and can also soothe your stomach. Slowly chew a piece of ginger and swallow it’s juices or you could just drink a cup of ginger tea.

7. Peppermint Tea:

Drinking a glass of hot peppermint tea helps a bloated stomach anytime of the day. Its minty aroma also relaxes your mind and soothes your senses. It also takes the edge off bad breath, even better!

8. Chamomile Tea:

If you do not like peppermint tea, then chamomile tea is a good alternative. Its antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, and relaxing properties help in easing the symptoms of a bloated stomach, helping you calm down. Drink a cup of chamomile tea with some honey or a squeeze of lemon and say goodbye to that bloated stomach!

9. Pumpkin Dreams:

No, a ‘Jack-o-Lantern’ isn’t going to scare your stomach into reducing its gas. A pumpkin has other uses than being a Halloween prop. It is helpful in reducing the gas formed. Eat it along with your meals to prevent bloating altogether, or you can have a cup of boiled or steamed pumpkin and say “boo” to your bloated stomach.

10. Warm Lemon Water:

A lemon a day keeps the doctor away. Not as quite catchy as “an apple”, but it can do wonders to your body. It stimulates the production of acid in your stomach and breaks down food more effectively and hence reducing a bloated stomach. Just squeeze a lemon into a cup of warm water, stir and drink away.

Simple! Weren’t they? Try them and you will be soon recommending these stomach bloating home remedies to be the most effective ones, the next time you hear someone cry aloud in discomfort!

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