Top 10 Effective Home Remedies For Gout September 2, 2015

Gout is a condition characterized by lumpy deposits of uric acid within our body. When excess uric acid cannot be excreted by our kidneys, it results in the formation of these deposits, which can be excruciatingly painful. It is mostly men who get affected by this arthritic condition, and the most vulnerable age is after 40 years.

Gout can be an extremely uncomfortable and painful ordeal for the person affected. And while medical advice is THE best path to follow, there are certain things that you can do at your end to help your body heal. The below mentioned points, apart from the regular intake of your prescription meds, can help reduce the instance of gout and if affected, can alleviate the discomfort. I’ve listed 10 super-effective home remedies for gout pain that many claim help deal with gout and the soreness it brings with it:

Home Remedies for Gout

1. Watch Your Weight:

Being overweight is said to be one of the contributing factors for gout. So, in order to reduce the instance of gout attack it is imperative that you control your weight. A gout attack can come very rapidly-sometimes even overnight. Regular exercise is the first step you need to take to prevent these sudden attacks.

2. Control Your Diet:

When we talk about watching our weight, it is but obvious that what you eat is going to play a major role in determining and maintaining said weight. Get to know which foods provide relief from gout and which foods are a complete no-no for the condition. Generally foods with high vitamin and alkaline content are said to help with the dissolution of the gout deposits. So try and include these in your diet.

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3. Stay Well-Hydrated:

One of the major reasons why the kidneys are unable to excrete uric acid from the body is the absence or the paucity of hydration. Hence, keep your body well hydrated to aid the process of uric acid extraction. Drink at least 2 to 3 litres of water every day to help your body flush out uric acid as well as other toxins. The bonus: Drinking plenty of water will help keep your skin young and healthy!

4. Ditch The Booze:

Alcohol is known to dehydrate the body. And as mentioned above, a dehydrated body is very vulnerable to a gout attack. Hence, if you’re already prone to such attacks, or have been diagnosed with gout, it would do you a world of good to ditch alcohol completely. Not easy? I know, but when you feel like drinking your favourite booze, stop a while and remember the pain gout brings with it!

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5. Eliminate Caffeine:

Apart from alcohol, caffeine is also said to trigger gout attacks. So, as far as possible, try and stay away from foods with high caffeine content. These include items like coffee, chocolates, cocoa, tea, etc. A best home remedy for gout!

6. Try ACV:

Apple cider vinegar is known as the magic potion that cures quite a few ailments, gout included. It has anti-inflammatory properties that help assuage the pain and soreness associated with a gout attack. Mix 1 spoon of ACV in 1 glass of water and drink this concoction everyday for relief and prevention. You can add some honey if you wish to make the drink a little palatable.

7. Exploit Ginger:

Eating a small piece of ginger every day or soaking a few pieces in a cup of water and drinking it every day also helps with the inflammation. Applying ginger paste to the inflamed area can also provide some relief.

8. Savour Cherries:

Cherries are tasty and also provide relief from gout deposits. The recommended intake is either 10 to 15 cherries or a glass of cherry juice every day.

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9. Nimboo Pani To The Rescue:

A glass of water with juice of 1 lemon works wonders, when consumed at regular intervals (at least thrice a day). The high level of Vitamin C in lemon juice helps to break down gout deposits.

10. Juniper Oil:

Ayurveda to the rescue! Placing a juniper oil compress on the affected area can help alleviate the discomfort associated with gout to a great extent.

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3 Simple Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Gout Arthritis Pain

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Remember, the home remedies for gout pain given above are to be used only as supplementary to your physician’s prescription. Do NOT use them as a substitute, because gout can be effectively cured only with professional medical intervention.

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