7 Effective Home Remedies To Treat Blisters On Your Tongue January 30, 2017

Tongue blisters are painful, aren’t they? And sometimes it so happens that despite using medication, they just don’t heal! So, is there any simple and inexpensive treatment which can cure tongue blisters fast?

The answer is ‘yes’! And guess what? It is not one, but seven cures for tongue blisters that are downright simple and inexpensive!

Want to know how to treat blisters on tongue? Then check out this effective home remedies!

1. Hydrogen Peroxide And Water:

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Mix 1 tsp hydrogen peroxide and one tsp water and directly apply to the tongue blisters with the help of a cotton swab. This remedy helps to heal the blisters quickly.

2. Drink Water:

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Blisters are many times caused due to lack of adequate water in the body. To get rid of blisters, you should drink more water every day. If you forget drinking water, then keep a bottle of water always with you –at your worktable, near your bed or in your bag when you are travelling.

3. Ginger And Garlic:

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Increase the intake of ginger and garlic in your daily diet as these two spices effectively reduce the blisters and also control their formation. You can easily increase your consumption by adding them to your regular meal.

4. Salt And Baking Soda:

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A salt water rinse can effectively relieve you from the pain and discomfort caused by tongue blisters. Take 1/2tsp table salt or sea salt and add 1 cup warm water to it. Rinse your mouth three to four times a day with this solution. According to experts, salt water reduces the pain and inflammation and soothes your mouth. Salt prevents further progress of infection and kills bacteria. You can also use baking soda in place of salt, and it is equally effective.

5. Turmeric And Honey:

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This is a direct recipe from the wise mind of your grandmother. Mix ½ tsp turmeric powder and 1 tbsp honey and apply it on your tongue using your finger. Let the paste remain on your tongue for 3 minutes. In the absence of honey, you can use water to make a fine paste with turmeric and apply it similarly on the tongue blisters. Rinse after 3 minutes. Avoid swallowing.

6. Cayenne Pepper:

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Cayenne pepper constitutes capsaicin that temporarily desensitizes the nerves in the tongue that cause the pain. That is the reason most of the candy recipes used for relieving tongue blister pain contain cayenne pepper as one of their main ingredients. Such candies are also preferred by patients who suffer from blisters due to radiation and chemotherapy. However, you need to be careful while using it as it can cause irritation to some people.

7. Rinse Of Herbs:

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Aloe Vera is a multipurpose plant that is soothing and cures inflammation and pain. When Aloe Vera juice is applied to the blisters, it immediately reduces the pain and inflammation. You can directly apply the juicy leaf over the blisters and leave it as it is for a couple of minutes and then take it out. Do not drink or eat for 15 minutes as the blisters would be getting soaked in the Aloe Vera juice. Rinse your mouth with cold water.

Another herb that is equally effective is sage. Boil sage leaves and cover the pot for 15 minutes. Rinse your mouth with this herbal water 3 to 4 times a day to reduce the soreness.

All these remedies are effective in reducing the pain and discomfort caused due to tongue blisters. However, in case the blisters do not go even after these treatments, you should consult your doctor.

Did you ever have blisters on tongue? How did you treat them? Share with us in the comments section below!

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