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10 Effective Home Remedies To Treat Tingling Sensation

10 Effective Home Remedies To Treat Tingling Sensation September 19, 2017

Do you often face tingling or numbness in your hands and feet? Does your skin tingle when you step out into the sun? Tingling sensation and numbness are disorders that can cause quite a stir in your life. But then, what causes these conditions? And what are the remedies for it?

Want to have the answers? Then go ahead with the post!

Causes Of Tingling Sensation:

Tingling sensation is a common condition that most people experience in their life. They are usually temporary and are a result of awkward postures or pressure applied on a certain body part. The characteristic ‘pins and needles’ effect usually happens with inactivity.

Although usually temporary, you can suffer from outbreaks of tingling and sometimes even chronic tingling. This is the result of deep rooted problems like nerve damage, which can also induce tingling sensations. Other causes include bacterial infections, toxic exposures and even a predisposition to diabetes. Tingling sensations can also lead to other symptoms like numbness, pain, and itching (1).

Causes Of Numbness:

Numbness is another manifestation of tingling and usually occurs in the same way. Nerve pressure or inactivity or damage is a leading cause of numbness. Sometimes other conditions like tendon pain and repetitive motion syndrome lead to numbness in fingers and toes as well. Sometimes, lack of blood circulation can also lead to numbness and tingling sensations (2).

Natural Remedies For Tinglings In Hands And Feet:

Now that we know about the causes, let’s look at some home remedies for tingling and numbness! Next time you get that ‘pins and needles’ sensation, you can try one of these simple tips!

1. Move Around:

Usually, tingling sensation and numbness are caused by sitting in the same position for long stretches of time. The best treatment for this is trying some basic stretches or exercising a little to improve blood circulation (3).

2. Correct Posture:

Often our incorrect posture or lack of movement can trigger numbness and tingling. Awkward posture can restrict blood circulation, which leads to numbness. Incorrect posture can also lead to back pain and tingling sensations in the bladder or abdomen. So the next time you are on the computer or are watching television, be sure to maintain the right posture (4).

3. Rest:

Continuous activity can also trigger tingling in the feet and arms. So, the best way to treat such cases is to lie down and take a nice kip (5).

4. Yoga/Physiotherapy:

One of the best ways to ease tingling sensation and numbness is regularly practicing yoga. Yoga helps calm the body and mind, and at the same time also helps enhance and stimulate healthy blood circulation. Thus, it can significantly help reduce tingling and numbness (6).

5. Vitamin B- Complex:

This is one of the best home remedies for episodic or chronic tingling or numbness. A lack of vitamin B12 is one of the most common reasons for chronic tingling and numbness (7).

However, do first consult your doctor before ingesting or taking any vitamin supplements.

6. Avoid Caffeine:

Another remedial action you can take is avoiding excessive coffee consumption. Caffeine dehydrates the body and impedes blood circulation, thereby leading to numbness and tingling. Thus, avoid caffeine and avoid tingling (8).

7. Include Magnesium In Diet:

Magnesium is an essential mineral that not only solves problems like insomnia, but also helps the nervous and cardiovascular system function optimally. You can consider supplementing your diet with magnesium, as it helps enhance blood circulation, which in turn lessens tingling and numbness (9).

8. Use NSAIDs:

Sometimes, the numbness or tingling can be caused by something sinister like carpal tunnel syndrome. You can use nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to cure tingling and numbness (10).

9. Lower Blood Sugar:

Another cause for tingling and numbness is diabetes. A common condition associated with diabetes, called diabetic neuropathy, can lead to pain, tingling and numbness in the fingers and toes. So, try and eat foods that help you lower blood sugar (11).

10. Limit Alcohol:

Although you might be quite fond of your weekly glass of wine, you might want to consider giving it up. Studies prove that tingling and numbness can also be caused by alcoholism. Thus, one of the best ways to reduce the feeling is to limit the amount of alcohol you put into the system (12).

We hope that these remedies will help you get rid of that irritating tingling sensation! To tell us about any other activities that you use to get rid of this condition, share your experiences here. Leave a comment below!

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