10 Effective Home Remedies To Treat Welders Flash August 3, 2016

If you know what welder’s flash is, you would definitely be aware of how painful it is. Welder’s flash is a painful eye condition that is caused when the eyes are overexposed to the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.

But just like most issues, this can be cured and prevented as well. If you are troubled with this issue, or want to prevent it from occurring in the first place, then there are a number of ingredients that can help you out!

Welders flash needs accurate care and treatment, since this ophthalmic condition is very painful. Other than medical aid, few home remedies can also cure this painful eye condition.

Want to know the list of top 10 home remedies that help you get rid of this tormenting Welders flash? Then read on!

How To Get Rid of Welders Eye?

1. Potato:

Potatoes make amazing home remedies for welders flash. They offer a cooling effect to the affected eye area. They reduce inflammation. Hence, the pain temporarily subsides. The eyes turn dry and itchy due to welders flash. Potatoes keep a check on the dryness aspect as well. They lubricate the eyes and prevent further itching and peeling of the eyelid area. Thus, raw potato pieces are amazing home remedies for welder’s flash.

2. Ice Packs:

Welder’s flash is accompanied with a lot of pain and inflammation. Ice packs make amazing home remedies for the reduction of inflammation and pain. Ice packs cut the pain sensation in and around the affected eye area. They also reduce redness and inflammation caused due to welders flash. Thus, ice packs are an instantaneous pain relieving home remedy for this visual syndrome.

3. Teabags:

Teabags are yet another wonderful and instantaneous pain relief option for welder’s flash. Once a used teabag becomes sufficiently dry (most of the liquid dries) and cool, apply it on the affected eye region. Moist tea bags are amazing sources of antioxidants. Those antioxidants reduce inflammation almost immediately. They help in combating pain caused due to this problem.

4. Cucumber:

Cucumber slices are yet another home remedy for relieving the pain caused due to welders flash. Cucumber is an amazing cooling agent. It is extensively rich in water as well. Thus, it soothes the dry, itchy and painful skin around the eye and also hydrates it. It offers deep moisturization to the affected area as well.

5. Milk:

Milk makes a wonderful home remedy for welders flash. Boil milk and cool it down to room temperature. Dab cotton balls into it and apply directly on the affected eye region. Milk contains natural enzymes that can take care of the itching and dryness problems related to welders flash. You can also apply warm milk around the affected area. Try adding a few drops of warm milk inside your eyes. It lubricates the eyes and relieves pain to a certain extent.

6. Rose Water:

Rosewater offers the much-needed relief from pain caused due to welders flash. Soak cotton balls in rose water and place them over your eyes. Rose water works as a coolant and cuts the pain sensation to a large extent. The cooling sensation also reduces inflammation and itching.

7. Wet Cloth:

Using a wet cloth is also a temporary relief for welder’s flash. This home remedy works best until the cloth remains moist. Dip a cloth (say towel) in cold water (say ice water) and place it over the affected area. The cooling effect offers immediate relief from pain caused due to welders flash.

8. Banana:

Banana slices are rich sources of vitamin B2. Vitamin B2 is an amazing vitamin that can heal eye fatigue and inflammation. It can also lubricate the eyelids and protect them against dryness and flaking. Thus, banana is an unconventional home remedy for welder’s flash.

9. Nutmeg And Milk:

Mix nutmeg and milk to make a paste. This paste offers amazing cooling benefits when applied to the affected eye area. The cooling effect stays for long. Thus, it is an exceptional home remedy to reduce the inflammation and pain caused due to welders flash.

10. Almonds:

Almond paste or oil is an amazing home remedy for welder’s flash. Almonds are rich sources of vitamin E. Vitamin E works as a lubricator for eyes. It also reduces eye fatigue and inflammation.

The above-listed home remedies for welders flash treatment offer immediate relief from pain and inflammation. However, this acute eye condition needs proper medical guidance for complete recovery. Therefore, never forget to consult a doctor in case of welders flash.

Have you ever experienced the goodness of the home remedies discussed above? Share with us!

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