What Are The Effects Of Nutrient Deficiencies On Nails And How To Rectify Them? August 3, 2016

Every diva dreams to have beautiful nails that enhance her overall beauty quotient. Not many are blessed with good nails and they feel bad about it. If delve deeper in the situation, there are many reasons behind weak and fragile nails.

Good nails are the symbol of good health. Deficiency in the essential nutrients required for internal metabolic activities are the main reasons behind brittle and broken nails.  Let us know the reasons and the remedies for weak nails nutrition deficiency that help you in having good nails.

Nail Nutritional Deficiencies

1. Vitamin Deficiency Nails:

  • Deficiency of vitamin B and D cause pigmentation and ridges along the nail bed. The bluish black coloured vertical lines on your nails are warning alarms that you need to make immediate changes to your diet.
  • Deficiency of vitamin C causes reddish black spots to appear on the nail bed and also leads to hang nails.
  • Deficiency of vitamin A and D cause a situation called hapalonychia or soft nails.
  • Deficiency of vitamin E cause nails to lose their natural colour and turn yellow.

Reversing the Deficiency:

To counter vitamin deficiency, it is imperative to include foods like broccoli, papaya, almonds, peanut butter, hazelnut, orange, lemon, potato, banana, chicken, strawberries, kiwi etc. in abundance in your diet.

2. Zinc Deficiency Nails:

  • It is a common myth that many people consider white spots on the nails appear due to vitamin and calcium deficiency. On the contrary, it is proven that the primary cause is zinc deficiency.
  • One can counter this situation by consuming good amount of meat, dark chocolate and peanuts for healthy nails.

3. Iron Deficiency Nails:

  • If you have abnormally thin nails which have become flat or concave in shape, then it’s time to add some iron supplements in your diet.
  • Koilonychias or spoon nails is an indication of extreme levels of iron deficiency in the body. It can also cause brittle nails and lifting of nails. This makes the nails vulnerable to infection.
  • To counter this problem, ensure that your diet includes enough iron rich foods like whole grains, liver, and leafy greens like spinach.

4. Calcium Deficiency Nails:

  • Transverse Leukonychia of nails is associated with severe hypocalcaemia. It appears in horizontal white bands that tend to occur in the same position in other nails too.
  • Thin and brittle nails are also symptoms of calcium deficiency in the body.
  • Including dairy products like milk, cheese and curd in your daily diet will ensure strong and shiny nails.

5. Protein Deficiency Nails:

  • If you find your nails cracking and breaking, then it is a sign of protein deficiency. You need to evaluate if adequate protein sources are included in your diet or not.
  • Animal products like meat and cheese are best protein sources. For vegetarians, beans and legumes are food products rich in protein.
  • Include all these food items in your diet to get rid of nail problems caused by protein deficiency.

Watch your nails for signs of health problems.

The American Academy of Dermatology advises that the condition of your nails can sometimes reflect a major health problem which is hidden. Here’s what they say to look out for:

  •   White nails — liver condition
  •   Half pink/half white nails — kidney disease
  •   Yellowing and thickening of the nail, slow growth rate — lung disease
  •   Pale nail beds — anaemia
  •   Yellow-tinged nails with a slight blush at the base – diabetes
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So the next time you glance at your nails, look closely because they tell a lot about what is going inside your body and mind, especially if you are suffering from any nails nutrition deficiency.

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