10 Elegant Cornrow Hairstyles You Can Try Today January 14, 2016

Cornrow hairstyles can never go out of fashion — they are easy to maintain, they look equally good and even keep your hair healthy. What else do we need? From side parted cornrow, braided buns to topknots, this season’s braided looks are rad edgy but are still effortlessly chic.

We rounded up ten cornrow hairstyles worn by Hollywood’s biggest stars. Get inspired and be ready to start cornrowing!

1. Side Parted Cornrow

Side Parted Cornrow

Image: Getty

One of our favourite looks is this side-parted cornrow rocked by actress Ashley Benson at the Big Knockout Boxing. The actress looked strikingly beautiful by wearing her hair in a deep side part, plus her glamorous braids on one side and loose waves on the other are incredibly versatile.

2. Cornrow Braided Bun

Cornrow Braided Bun

Image: Getty

Lupita Nyongo’s high braided bun, which starts as a cornrow braid and goes up to the crown in a topknot, is edgy and feminine. The 12 Years a Slave actress has simply braided her hair, giving it plenty of volume; and that’s just not the reason we love it. We equally admire her texture and dimensions.

To duplicate this hairstyle, braid your long locks into tiny sections. Blow-dry the sections and comb the remaining unbraided hair for volume, shine and dimension. Finish the hairdo with braiding thick, normal braids and wrap them at the back of your head. Secure the bun and braids with bobby pins and strong hairspray.

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3. Cornrow Low Bun

Cornrow Low Bun

Image: Getty

We love a chic cornrow low bun, and this gorgeous wraparound on singer Christina Milian is one such hairdo that we would love to copy at a fancy dinner or the prom.

The hairdo is perfect for medium-to-long hair, and to copy this look, divide hair into four sections. Once done, create an inch side part and braid the parted section from one side to the other. Mist with high shine hairspray to get Christina’s texture.

4. One Side Cornrow

One Side Cornrow

Image: Getty

Actress Tia Mowry looks drop-dead gorgeous with her one side cornrow. Tia’s flattering braids can be easily recreated at home by dividing and braiding hair equally. Create around 15 small sections and braid them above the ear and across the crown. Once done, add shine to your locks by securing the braids with a strong hairspray.

5. Half Up Cornrow

Half Up Cornrow

Image: Getty

Oftentimes, the simplest styles are the prettiest — like this striking half up cornrow. Actress Naya Rivera’s edgy braided mohawk on her head is as easy as it is chic. The actress paired her cool braids with a two piece Donna Karen outfit. If you want, you can add an extra texture by messing your long, beachy hair and braids a little, as you see here.

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6. Low Pony

Low Pony

Image: Getty

File this low pony hairstyle under insanely cool – there’re zillions of thick braids happening here, and that’s precisely why we love actress Xosha Roquemore’s cornrow, low ponytail. To duplicate this look, box braid your hair, wrap it into a not-so-loose ponytail and secure it into place.

7. Cornrow Braids

Cornrow Braids

Image: Getty

The model at the Big Park Fashion Show looks cool with her thin cornrow braids. She sports four fabulous messy braids pulled back into a simple plaited ponytail. This simple hairdo works magic in every situation it’s worn – whether you are out with your friends, a formal event, sans the undone texture or even going out on a date.

8. Box Braids Half Updo

Box Braids Half Updo

Image: Getty

Actress and songwriter Keri Hilson’s half updo accented with tight box braids looks super-cool on her. This particular look calls for thick hair that gives the half updo a splash of elegance. Also, don’t forget to mist with strong hair spray to add volume and texture. Trust us, your braid will last thrice as long!

9. Cornrow Pompadour

Cornrow Pompadour

Image: Getty

Now we think, actress Jada Pinkett Smith’s cornrow pompadour is simply a stunning piece of art! Look at those intricate braids clipped together in a polished way, and the glossy, mirror shine texture would suit both casual and formal events. We are definitely braiding this!

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10. Cornrow Topknot

Cornrow Topknot

Image: Getty

American actress, TV host, and fashion model Eva Marcille’s intricate braids hybrid with voluminous topknot is actually an easy hairstyle to recreate for a high-impact look. To get Eva’s hairdo, simply intertwine box braids and wrap them around like a topknot. Totally edgy with plenty of attitude.

Take a look above for some latest cornrow hairstyles for girls and share your favourite one with us in the comments section below!

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