5 Energy Boosters That Can Wake You Up Better Than Coffee! July 31, 2015

To quit coffee is harder than to quit watching a reality TV show, and we must admit it.

Albeit our favourite deep-hued beverage is comforting and gets us going many a morning, there lies an ugly truth behind coffee!

Coffee dehydrates the body, plays a major role in disrupting sleep, and increases the risk of osteoporosis (this one is especially for us ladies). The energy burst that you get from coffee is just an illusion. It actually depletes the vitamin B supply in your body and thereby reduces the body’s ability to rely on its own energy. And this is where the addiction starts.


Not the right way of beginning your day, right? Maybe you want your mornings to be healthier than this (like we all do).

It’s high time you replaced your morning cup of Joe (I mean, your morning cup of coffee) with something more energetic and satisfying! May be something that wakes you up and keeps you going!

We’ve got a few substitutes:

1. Smoothie:

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Prepare a fresh smoothie full of nutrient-rich ingredients like bananas, spirulina, and chia seeds – these are rich in fiber and excellent sources of energy. Maca powder can also be used for increasing libido and energy.

Hold on! There is one more benefit of this miracle blend – it makes your skin healthy and radiant (so, don’t get surprised if people are wondering about your beauty).

Now I believe I gave you a perfect reason to give it a try, haven’t I!

2. Chai (Indian Tea):

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This Indian tea contains a plethora of various spices including ginger, cinnamon, pepper and cardamom, which awaken your senses early in the morning. The tea is rich in antioxidants; whilst its smooth, creamy flavour can actually make you feel as if you’re sipping your favourite coffee, but “without extra caffeine”.

Drinking tea helps your body to cope up with stress and promotes overall health. If you’re too health conscious, then you can try organic green tea, ginger tea, peppermint tea, tulsi tea or chamomile tea.

Green tea is mostly the first drink that comes to mind when you talk of antioxidants, and its health benefits make it a great beverage that must be included in your diet. Organic green tea can help in the prevention and treatment of cancer as well as heart problems.

Once you have switched to organic green tea, you will be successful in taking the first step to withdraw from coffee.

Chamomile tea is one of my personal favourites.  It is counted as one of the drinks with the most relaxing and soothing effects. This caffeine-free drink has shown to help in reducing tension and stress, thereby improving sleep.

Though there is no proven research for this benefit, but with my personal experience, I can say that it works great for treating headaches as well!

3. Coconut Water:

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Mother Nature’s perfect drink, a.k.a. coconut water, has an abundance of electrolytes and minerals. It is the best substitute to an energy drink while being low in fat and sugar. Having a glass of coconut water in the morning can really give you a burst of energy.

4. Lukewarm Water With Lemon:

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Consuming a glass of lukewarm water with a half-squeezed lemon will hydrate your body and will help in getting rid of toxins. It alkalizes your body and also detoxifies the liver, thereby making your bowel movement smooth. If you ask me, this must be the first thing you sip in the morning.

5. Aloe Water:

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This is an extremely refreshing energy booster with tons of benefits, starting from detoxification and alkalization of the body to being rich in amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Its special immune-boosting qualities will help you resist illness and cheer you up!

So, lose your dependence on caffeine and switch to natural energy boosters!