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Top 10 Exercises To Strengthen Your Wrists

Top 10 Exercises To Strengthen Your Wrists October 30, 2017

Your body is as strong as your weakest link. Some people ignore wrist and forearm exercises as they don’t find it that important. Well, let me tell you why wrist exercises are important.

Your upper body won’t be effective unless you have strong wrists. Also those people who work for long hours on computers and laptops restrain the natural movement of the wrists. It limits the movement of wrists and lead to severe problems like muscle locking etc.

I will be listing the top 10 wrist strengthening exercises for you. By practicing these daily you can strengthen your wrists and stay away from problems involving wrist muscles.

Wrist Exercises

1. Stand upright with one pound dumbbell in your hand and the palm facing the ceiling. Then curl only your wrist and raise the dumbbell. Do one hand at a time. Do 3 sets of 15 each.

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2. Rest your arm on the arm rest of the chair keeping the palm and wrist in air. Then bend the wrist downwards until a stretch is felt. Then slowly lift the palm and point your fingers upwards thus feeling a tension again. Do this 10 times on each wrist.

3. Extend your fingers apart from each other as far as possible then suddenly mould them into a fist as tight as possible. Do this 20 times each day on each hand. You will feel tension growing in the beginning but later it will subside.

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4. Hold your hands perpendicular to your body mold your palm into a fist and start rotating the fists in clockwise direction. Do this for 20 times. Then stand still for 60 seconds and start rotating the fists in anti clockwise direction for 20 times.

5. To make your non dominant hand stronger, brush your teeth everyday with both the hands alternating. This will make the non dominant hand stronger as well as give some relaxation to the dominant hand.

6. Rest your palms flat on the top of a strong table. Then slowly try putting all the weight on the wrist and the palms by lifting your body on the toes. Once you feel enough tension then slowly come back to normal standing position.

7. Perform the above operation by lying flat on your stomach on the ground. Then lift the entire body and put the weight on the palms. Keep toes on the ground.

8. Stand in Namaste position with elbows and palm at right angles. Now press both the palms towards each other. This will create a tension and strength in the forearm as well.

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9. Stand in upright position with hands facing the floor inline with the body. Hold dumbbells in the hand and lift them upwards until a little above your waist. Then put your hand down in the original position. Do this exercise for 10 times in sets of 3.

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10. Stand upright and hold your hands with open palms. The hands should be perpendicular to your body. Stand like this for 10 minutes. You will feel extreme pain in your hand but that is when your muscles will start responding to the exercise.

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Follow the above exercises for wrist dedicatedly and your will have strength in your wrist in no time.

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