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10 Famous International Celebrities With White Hair

10 Famous International Celebrities With White Hair September 26, 2017

Are you a big fan of Hollywood buzz? Has it been amusing for you to stay connected with the international fashion gossip always? Here, we bring you the 10 top international style icons who are creating a fashion statement with their white hair. They perfectly give a new meaning to going gray with age.

Follow this super cool and raging trend and find out what you look like in the fashion feet of these stylish icons.

Famous Celebrities With White Hair

Let’s have a look at the Best International Celebrities With White Hair.

1. Jamie Lee Curtis:

Image: Shutterstock

This American author and actress is one of the best rated celebs who look scintillating in her white hair look. This 55 years old Hollywood celeb can be rightly deemed as a style ambassador for carrying white/gray hair with grace.

Birthday: 22nd November, 1958

2. Karl Lagefeld:

Image: Shutterstock

Karl Lagerfeld is a German origin fashion designer and photographer. His unique taste for fashion keeps on creating a huge style buzz in the media every now and then. This man, based in the city of love Paris, holds a different taste for style even at the age of 81. He is surely the 2nd in our list of 10 best celebs with white hair.

Birthday: 10th September, 1933

3. Emmylou Harris:

Image: Shutterstock

This American singer and a 13 times Grammy winner, is well known for her gray hair look. She looks extremely sultry and graceful even at the age of 67 now. Her white hair look is an exclusive to her unique fashion appetite. She finds the 3rd place in our list of 10 best white hair celebs.

Birthday: 2nd April, 1947

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4. Helen Mirren:

Image: Shutterstock

This sassy British actress sure finds a special mention amongst the most famous women with white hair. This 69 year old veteran style diva looks amazingly pretty in her white hair look. She certainly redefines the way one feels about gray hair for sure.

Birthday: 26th July, 1945

5. Blythe Danner:

Image: Shutterstock

If not mentioned, would you believe this American beauty is 71 years old? Probably, no! Ageing couldn’t take much from her looks, since she transformed from a blonde babe to a gray beauty. This amazing American actress had blonde hair during her 20’s; however, her white hair look is as enticing as her youthful look.

Birthday: 3rd February, 1943

6. Meryl Streep:

Image: Shutterstock

Meryl Streep, the American ageless beauty, endorsed white hair look for a role she played in the ‘Runway’ magazine. She is certainly an iron lady with camouflaging powers. She depicted her gray hair look to such conviction that people believe her natural hair color is white.

Birthday: 22nd June, 1949

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7. George Clooney:

Image: Shutterstock

Isn’t age just a number for this super hot American actor/filmmaker? This man, now 53, beats his peers and many young male stars in the industry with his amazing gray hair look. He’s surely an ageless man who probably looked handsome since birth.

Birthday: 6th May, 1961

8. Kate Moss:

Image: Shutterstock

Kate Moss, a young, sultry British model, ignited the trend of white hair amongst peers by dying her natural hair white. Her trend infected a few fellow-mates of her from the industry who simply carried forward the grace of gray to perfection. Celebs to follow her fashion taste include Kate Olsen and Pink.

Birthday: 16th January, 1974

9. Jeff Bridges:

Image: Shutterstock

Jeff Bridges, a veteran American Actor/musician/producer, has always been known for his humour and fashion quotient. The man still stands tall in the industry and manages to attract cameras with his gray hair look in all public.

Birthday: 4th December, 1949

10. Olympia Dukakis:

Image: Shutterstock

This 83 year old American actress still continues to be a high-rated celeb with an obvious love for the camera. She looks feminine and stylish even in white hair. Her smooth and glossy hair is a cause of tiff in the fashion industry even now.

Birthday: 20th June, 1931

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These 10 renowned fashion icons have been creating great news for fashion freaks since their initial entry in the glamour world.

Who is your favourite white hair celebrity amongst these superstars? Are there any other famous celebrities with white hair? Do not forget to share your feedback with us in the comment section.

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