Top 10 Fat Burning Foods To Include In Your Diet July 22, 2016

Although weight loss is predominantly based on your activity level and your calorie intake, increasing the amount of consuming certain foods can make your metabolism burn at a faster rate. We can call them negative calorie food items. They do not have much caloric content, however, as they contain more fiber and nutrients, the body utilizes more calories to digest these foods, hence they are called negative calories.

After reading all this, if you think that you have to eat celery, grapefruit and broccoli, you are very wrong. Most of the Indian spices and condiments suggest by Ayurveda that we use every day have efficient fat burning properties, and the nutrients included in it help to reduce problems associated with weight gain and unhealthy lifestyle. So if you looking for a fat burning food diet plan, certain Indian spices work the best! In this article, we list the options that can be mixed up to make this diet.

Fat Burning Food Diet 

These foods include:

1. Chilies:


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Eating chilies causes the same effect on the body as working out does; it increases your metabolic rate for about 20 minutes after consuming it. This is due to the chemical capsaicin. Capsaicin which is thermogenic in nature immediately converts some of the food you eat into heat. This process is called diet-induced thermo genesis and usually the food that is burned up in this process is carbohydrates. Another benefit is that chilies are appetite suppressants. By eating food that is high in chilies, you will naturally eat lesser food at subsequent meals.

2. Curry Leaves:

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In Indian cuisine, especially in south Indian cuisine curry leaves are an indispensable part. Along with giving exceptional taste and flavor to your daily meal, curry leaves contain nutrients that flush out toxins from the body and reduce bad cholesterol levels. By incorporating eight to ten curry leaves daily in your diet can help you get all these benefits.

3. Garlic:


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It works almost in the same way that chilli works. It increases the satiety level in your brain and also makes the body produce more levels of adrenaline by which your metabolic rate increases. You can utilize the benefit of garlic by including it in your food while cooking and also by adding in chopped up garlic in your salads. Another added benefit of using garlic is that it can help you maintain the level of your blood pressure.

4. Mustard:

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Using mustard seed or mustard oil in your food can help maintain your weight. Mustard is a nutrient mine with large amount of B complexes such as folates, niacin, thiamine and riboflavin and they also help speed up your metabolism. Using mustard paste instead of your ketchup can help reduce your intake of unhealthy fats since it is low in fat and calorie. You can also flavor your salad with this in place of your usual seasoning and can still get the flavorful taste.

5. Honey:


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Although honey is a type of sugar, it is the healthy replacement for normal refined sugar because it contains nutrients and minerals along with its sugar content. It is not an empty sugar. It mobilizes extra fat in the body and helps it to be utilized for functions in the body. Drinking a mixture of honey and lemon with boiled water on an empty stomach early in the morning works as an effective detoxifier and helps kick start your metabolism. Consuming honey after a meal can help aid in proper digestion and will keep you full for longer.

6. Buttermilk:


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Buttermilk is the milk that is left over after churning out the butter from the cream. This has a tangy/tart taste and the low fat variety contains only around 98 calories per cup. You can use this as a very satisfying snack in between meals since it is filling and tasty and so will prevent you from binging on unhealthy snacks. You can also use buttermilk as a substitute in baking or making desserts that call for full fat milk or even in place of sour cream in soups to reduce the caloric intake.

7. Cardamom:

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This spice is very flavorful and it also helps improve metabolic rate. It is often used in Indian cooking while making sweets and desserts and the best way to include it in your diet is by adding it to your smoothies and you will reap its benefits, but you won’t even taste it.

8. Turmeric:


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Turmeric is an indispensible part of the India spices and it is the best spice to help you by just burning away the fat. It contains a polyphenol called Curcumin which helps breakdown fat in the body.

9. Moong Dal:

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Moong dal, also called green gram has always been a favorite of many people since it is tasty as well as filling. It contains around 350 calories per 100g along with substantial amount of vitamins, minerals and fiber and no cholesterol at all. It reduces cravings and due to the high protein and fiber content, it keeps you fuller for a long. You can make this with some garlic, ginger and coconut shavings and very less oil to keep it healthy and tasty.

10. Spinach:


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The benefit of spinach for weight loss is pretty much a universally known fact. Spinach is very low in calorie and high in fiber and vitamins and minerals like iron. Due to this reason, you can have a lot of spinach and still be within a healthy calorie range. The best way is to include two to three cups of spinach daily to your diet to reap its many benefits. You can add it to your salad, sauté it with some other vegetables or add it to a smoothie.

Hope you enjoyed reading this article on fat burning foods diet. Don’t forget to leave us a comment.

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