7 Fatally Healthy Foods: Too Much is Always Too Bad (No. 3 Is Shocking) August 31, 2016

While we are caught in the rut of our daily lives, we keep chanting “eat healthy, eat healthy”, and then when we believe something is healthy, we take it to the next level and almost have an overdose of it. It’s as if the food goes in and instantly cleans our blood, or makes our skin glow, like how Popeye’s muscles pump up the second the spinach goes in (I’m sure Popeye suffered from kidney stones considering the spinach overdose).

One needs to be careful and really think through their diet. Being conscious about what you eat always makes food more effective.

Here is a list of seven healthy foods that are surely healthy – but you absolutely CANNOT OVERDO them.

1. Lean Meat:

We non-vegetarians almost pride ourselves that we can eat meat and eggs and by default get our daily dose of protein. And what is best is that we have a choice between red meat and lean meat, and can pick the healthier one (unlike the vegetarians who don’t need anything but tofu and cottage cheese to rely on).

So think again. Consuming too much of animal protein is quite dangerous, as it induces the production of hormone insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1). If too much of this element accumulates in your body, it results in aging and cancer (especially breast cancer). A study says that people who got twenty percent of their calories from lean meat were prone to cancer related deaths almost four times more than the vegetarians. It was also found that the mortality rate went up to seventy five percent.

An easy solution to this would be to balance between legumes and lean meat. Get your proteins from all possible sources, without relying on meat alone.

2. Tomatoes & Oranges:

When you want to load up on vitamin C, your instant go-to are juicy oranges or fresh tomatoes. And once these foods entice our taste buds, there is no stopping, and it’s almost a guilt-free indulgence since you think you are eating healthy.

Unfortunately, that’s not true. However healthy tomatoes and oranges might be, there is a tab you need to keep when you eat them. Since they are highly acidic, increased quantities can lead to reflux, and over time, can cause the Barrett’s Esophagus. For those of you who don’t know what this is (like me), it is a disorder in which precancerous abrasions are formed on the esophageal lining.

Never have more than two servings of these lovely citrus fruits a day, and if you are already prone to refluxes, it is better to avoid these completely.

3. Water:

This one is a big surprise! Though keeping yourself hydrated and sipping water is extremely essential, gulping gallons is absolutely not advisable. I gasped when I heard that it could cause something known as water intoxication (so, does that mean water can get you high? What fun!).

Drinking too much water dilutes the sodium in your body, resulting in an unusually low blood sodium level. This could be quite fatal, causing impaired brain function, or even death.

While we are usually quite safe from water intoxication, it is the sportsmen who really need to take note of this one. A quick check to let you know if you are all right would be to check your urine. If it is always clear and transparent, it is time for you to reduce your water intake.

4. Spinach:

Spinach is loved by few and hated by most, so you probably won’t read this. It is packed with goodness, and really adds a yummy punch when cooked with. It is rich in protein, fiber and a whole lot of vitamins and minerals. It is also high in lutein (a carotenoid) that could prevent macular degeneration as you age, which obviously means better vision for a longer time.

All this sounds amazing. But too much of it is too bad – spinach is also high in oxalate, a compound that instigates the growth of kidney stones.

If you are already prone to kidney stones, it is better to shun this leafy vegetable.

5. Soy:

This one is quite a spoiler for vegetarians who literally draw out healthy protein goodness from Tofu (yes, it is a great source of protein and it lowers cholesterol levels and reduces blood pressure). But on the downside, too much of it hinders iron absorption. This could leave you anemic. Another drawback that excessive consumption of soy brings is the possibility of triggering endometrial hyperplasia. Soy contains estrogen-ish compounds or isoflavones. These could cause gluts on the uterine lining, which could lead to uterine cancer.

While there is no prescribed measure of how much of soy is safe for you, it is always better to stick to two portions a day.

6. Canned Tuna:

This is probably the only canned food that is deemed healthy. Canned tuna is easy prep, low-caloried, and nutrition-packed food. But unfortunately tuna is also a fish that encompasses high mercury levels. Too much of mercury is bad for your senses. It could cause problems with your vision, diminished hearing and speech, impaired coordination, and weakened muscles.

Ideally you should not exceed three to five cans of canned tuna a week, and if fish cans are your pack-and-go breakfast, then opt for low mercury ones like salmon.

7. Brazil Nuts:

These nuts are healthy and tasty. They are rich in proteins, fiber and essential fatty acids. They are also known to reduce cholesterol and blood pressure. But unfortunately, they cannot be your everyday snack. Brazil nuts also contain selenium, a nutrient that is required, but can also be toxic if consumed in high amounts. Too much of selenium can cause brittle nails, loss of hair, neurological deviations, and even death in some severe cases.
Try not to have more than ten of these a day.

This post comes with a huge disclaimer. These foods are healthy and must be included in your diet, but make sure you don’t go overboard with them. Be aware of what you eat, and how much you eat. Eat well and stay healthy!