How To Fight Depression With Meditation? December 1, 2016

Depression is a mental state in which you experience the intense feeling of grief, desolation, helplessness and low sense of worth. However sharp and empathetic you are, the situation takes a toll on you, step by step. It makes you suffer from acute anger and hopelessness and eventually pushes you towards several stress-related disorders. Though there are several ways such as psychotherapy, medications etc. to deal with depression, studies have found that meditation is the most effective way to heal this. Read further to know more about meditation for depression and its benefits.

What Is Meditation For Depression?

Meditation which is aimed to treat depression is known as ‘Depression Meditation’. It is a practice of focusing on breath which eventually leads to complete relaxation of the body and mind. This meditation can be easily understood with the help of following the set of steps:

  • Sit in a straight yet comfortable posture.
  • Then, focus on your breathing by counting the number of inhales and exhales silently. It’s a gentle process and not a forceful one.
  • You can increase your focus gradually and carry on as long as you feel comfortable. The relaxation attained can elevate your mood and provide great relief.

Usually, Depression Meditation can be practiced in one of the two following ways:

  1. General Meditation Techniques
  2. Specific Meditation Techniques

Here is a brief detail of these two types of meditation techniques:

1. General Mediation Techniques:

  • It starts with entering a meditative state before your mood declines severely. Depression can cause frequent mood swings depending on its severity. For meditating, you need to wait until your mood lifts just enough to engage in normal activities and you become responsive both physically and mentally.
  • Focusing is the prime idea of such meditation practices. You should find a silent place with least distraction factors. Drawing curtains, putting ‘DND’ on the door, wearing earplugs or listening to a soothing music can prove to be effective.
  • Feeling comfortable is a must for meditation against depression. The most relaxed position for general depression meditation is sitting cross-legged on a yoga mat, pillow, chair or bed. Dressing comfortably also plays a crucial role in meditation.
  • You need to relax breathing gradually by focusing on the diaphragm muscle. It increases the flow of oxygen within the body. Thus, results in relaxing different body parts such as torso, shoulders, and neck.
  • Keeping your eyes closed might be very helpful in achieving the desired level of focus and peace.

2. Specific Meditation Techniques:

  • Concentrative Meditation: It revolves around concentrating on a particular experience, like pronouncing a word or hearing a sound etc. This is extremely beneficial for beginners.
  • Guided Mediation: In this meditation practice, you need to visualize a natural landscape that brings utmost comfort to you. You can extend your experience starting from a single aspect of focus.
  • Mantra Meditation: ‘Mantra’ is basically a calming word that can be pronounced again and again during this technique. It makes you free from negative perspectives of the world and greatly uplifts your mood.
  • Meditative Walk: A meditative walk focuses on breathing as well as the movements of different limbs. The destination is not the point of concern in this process.
  • Mindfulness Meditation: It starts with focusing on breathing. Gradually, you need to shift your attentiveness to the rest of your body. It is done in a manner so that you should be able to admit your emotions at last, without any verdict. It is the most complicated yet most effective process of Depression Meditation.

What Are The Benefits Of Meditation For Depression and Anxiety?

  • When it comes to coping up with depression, the most common things that need to be dealt with are a variety of symptoms. It can be extreme unhappiness, excessive loss of energy, lack of sleep or even repeated suicidal attempts. It has been observed that performing meditation helps reduce the recurrence of depression. It gradually leads to withdrawal of the above-mentioned symptoms and brings back the person to the normal flow of life.
  • Meditation relaxes both your mind and body. It has the intense impact on the brainwaves of human beings. Thus, it eventually helps in regulating the feelings of grief, anger, anxiety etc. It makes you calm and contented in the long run of life.
  • For ones who practice meditation regularly might experience lesser anxiety attacks. It decreases your dependency on medications and improves the productivity to a great extent.

However, you have to be consistent in practicing meditation to eliminate depression forever. Practice these simple methods of meditation to keep depression at bay and enjoy a balanced healthy life.

Stay healthy, stay happy!

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  • Megha

    This sounds like one of the most practical and sensible ways to beat depression. Keeps both your mind and body healthy. As they say where there is peace and self satisfaction, there is no room for depression!