Fine Hair Styles – How to Maintain It Right? June 26, 2015

Thick, fine hair — it’s what we all desire, right? I mean who doesn’t need that hair which is easily manageable and suits almost any face shape? How often do we ask for simple ways and tips to maintain our fine hair? And that what else could we do to make it lustrous?

Rocking polished, fine hair styles is one thing and maintaining that smooth and silky hair, is an entirely different story.
Ladies, you know what we are talking about, right?

For instance, if you apply too much of any hair care product, your fine hair suddenly turns out to be flat, and if you apply too little, your hair becomes dry and brittle. Then comes the seasons; if it is summers, you know your hair will turn lifeless while winters will leave your gorgeous hair uncontrollably frizzy and hard to keep down.

We’ve spent months and years in figuring out what caused our fine hair to frizz and here’s what we have for you.

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Hair Cut:

As winter sets in, we at Stylecraze think, it’s the perfect time to heat things up with a good hair cut, home remedies and proper styling aids.

Start with getting a good hair cut. We recommend you to first find yourself a good hairstylist who is precise and perfect with a pair of scissors. Let the stylist know what has suited you in the past and what you have liked and have not liked. Once you have found that stylist and perfect haircut, explore! Layers, heavy bangs, short crop, long bob, everything looks amazing on your kind of hair so feel free to go a little crazy.

Less Styling:

Now for the styling. Keep away from heat as much as you can, for it will only make your hair more susceptible to breakage. There was a time when we believed that if we towel dried our hair, it would fall flat and ever since then we blow dried our hair nonstop. Then out of the blue we discovered various heat protectants, (our favourite Toni&Guy Heat Protection Mist: High Temperature Protection) a product that’s best after you shower and before you pick any styling tool.

After washing your hair (usually we prefer to wash our hair less frequently), spray it into your palms and scrunch into wet, combed hair to add extra texture. Make sure you don’t load up the product on your hair. For instance, volumizing mousse is generally applied at the roots to add more bounce in your hair instead of ends.

Home Remedies:

You could also try various home remedies for voluminous hair; for example, we have swapped moisturizing serums with coconut oil mask or an egg yolk and olive oil treatment. This will allow your hair to grow long, thick and easy to control.

Tip: Apply conditioner to the very ends of your hair after you wash them.

Shorter Hair:

If you’re all about manageability, pick a hair cut, preferably bob if you are cropping your hair for the first time, but keep your face shape and features in mind. But most importantly, make sure you keep your hair in the right proportions. Short hair is easy to handle, yes but if you want to grow it make sure that the length and the volume are in the right proportion. Fine hair tends to fall flat after a certain length so never let it reach that length and you will keep that glorious look at all times!

So there you have it – our tricks and tips on how to maintain fine hair properly. Do share your opinions with us in the comments section below. We value reader’s feedback.