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Foundations For Sensitive Skin

Foundations For Sensitive Skin November 1, 2017

Your face is the first thing that anyone notices about you. Sensitive skin on your face is something that presents a great of  problems. One wrong product and your face will show all the signs of redness rashes and breakouts that will remind of that clown in circus who used to make you laugh a lot! And that look is definitely not something you are aiming at when you have something important coming up the next day or two after.

Foundation if chosen correctly make u look flawlessly beautiful but at the same time if it’s chosen wrong then your investment will go down the drain and can possibly take your skin condition down with it too. So before investing in a foundation that you seek for your SENSITIVE skin, it is best to read the ingredients label and then buy.

Here is a list which tells you which agents to avoid in a foundation if your skin has a tendency to react violently to chemicals or is acne prone.

What to avoid while picking a foundation for sensitive skin?

Fragrance of any kind:

Use fragrance free formulas. Even a little bit of fragrance can react other ways with the skin. So always go for fragrance free formulas.


These are used in sunscreens but when found in foundations, can react excessively with the sensitive skin. (where they’re usually listed as methylcinnamate)

Lanolin and mineral oil:

Try avoiding foundations which are oily or contain Lanolin or Mineral oils of any kind. Your skin if sensitive , may react to such oils . Go for water based foundations.


This does a good job of Blocking out UVA AND UVB rays but it should be applied above a foundation . So a sunscreen with this is good but a foundation for sensitive skin isn’t that good when it contains this agent.

Sorbic Acid:

It reacts immediately with most sensitive skins, and causes rash . So better avoid foundations with this agent.

Best Foundation For Sensitive Skin: The List

Here is a list of foundations that is best suited for the sensitive skin types.

Cover FX:

This range has a great foundation especially formulated for the sensitive skin and has no glutens, parabens or fragrances. their new Total Coverage Cream Foundation comes in over 30 shades and can be used as a concealer and a foundation as well.


This is also an international brand and it’s special mineral foundation formula suits most sensitive skin types. Mineral stands for the use of all natural ingredients with no chemicals utilized at all. This kind of a formulation is especially good for sensitive skin types. After all natural products have a very less chance of reacting adversely than chemicals any day.


From the list of different foundations available in India, I love the range from Lakme. It’s water based but still kind of water resistant and it doesn’t have any harmful chemicals. The formulation is simple and perfect for sensitive skin.

Hope your hunt for a good foundation for sensitive skin ends here! Do leave us a comment!

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