simple french braid tutorial

“You can’t control everything; your hair was put on your head to remind you of that” – we swear by the truth of these words. If you have hair, you have had a bad hair day (unless you have an array of hair stylists, hair styling tools and serums at your disposal 24×7).

But the earth doesn’t stop revolving for the rest of the world, even if it does for us on such bad hair days. What do we do when the strands just won’t listen to us? Braid, that’s right. On any day, one hairstyle that a woman can never go wrong with is a braid. This skillful twisting and turning of hair is such a relief of such days. There are so many different ways of braiding hair. Over the time, many different types of braids have evolved – combining two braids to obtain a third and so on. Today, we present to you 6 basic braid hairstyles that every woman should know and try. If you can master these braids, is rest assured that you can handle any bad hair day like a boss.

Before we begin, let’s take in a little theory. We would like to classify braids into two types: full braids and decorative braids. A French braid that comes under full braids.

Full braids: Full braids are the braids that you can braid till you reach the end of your hair. When you are having a bad hair day or if you are just looking for a neat look without the hair falling on your face then simply adopt these braids. These are perfect to the yoga class and for the days when you have to hit the deadline straight in the eye.

Pictorial: French braid

French braid is a very important in the world of hair styling. Mastering it will form the base to many other variants like waterfall braid, Dutch Braid, lace braid etc. Here’s a quick pictorial to guide you in mastering the French Braid. Oh, before we proceed brace yourself for an arm workout. If you have thick hair then your arms will be sore by the time you finish a full French braid.

Let’s get started already!

All you need is your hair (bad hair for better preparation may be!), scrunchies and a brush-comb combination. A little serum to set them right and bobby pins for stray hair, and you are sorted.

Hair Prep: Start by brushing your hair to remove any tangles and apply your favorite smoothing serum. These steps are important because braiding involves working with multiple sections. To get a neat look, we have to begin with detangled and smoothened hair.



1. Pull a section of hair from the crown area.

2. Divide into 3 sections and start braiding to form a regular braid. Let’s name the sections L ( Left), M ( Middle) and R (Right).

Once you reach the nape of your neck, you can either secure the remaining hair into a pony or a bun.

3. For secured French braid proceed till 2 cycles.

4. From the 3rd cycle, pull a section of hair from right end.

5. Combine this pulled section with R and braid. While braiding, pass the R section to L by going OVER the M section.

6. Now, pick a section from left end.

7. Combine with the L section and braid again going OVER the M section.

final look

8. Keep adding the sections every time you braid till you reach the neck. Steps 8 and 9 are the different views from right and left.

It’s pretty simple once you master it, so keep in mind to practice for a while. The trick is to run the fingers around to get the right sections in the right places.

We hope you end up with a good braid and a good arm workout by the end of it.

How do you handle bad hair days? Shoot a comment and let us know!

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