french twisted Pony tail

Chic and sophisticated. That is what French women are.

Their sense of style is so ingrained in them that it has become a part of their personality. No wonder fashion icons and stylists from all parts of the world try to recreate the French look in their creations.

The French twisted hairstyle is one of the most elegant look that has been worn by celebrities an end number of times. The best part about this style is that with a little variation, you can change it to suit almost any occasion. You can wear it at work, for a day out or a special occasion, and can pair most kinds of outfits with it.

A variant to the French twist ponytail hairstyle can be easily created by wrapping instead of twisting. It will suit most hair lengths and takes only a few simple steps to style.

Here is an adaptation of the classic French twist into a ponytail. This tutorial will help you create the much sought after look in 5 very easy steps.

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Things You Will Need:

  • Bobby pins
  • A rubber band or hair tie of your choice

How to make a French Twist Ponytail Hairstyle:

Step 1:

step one

  • The frontal section of the head can by styled according to your personal choice.
  • A good choice would be to create a puff because this style will give the entire look an elegant and classy feel.
  • To create the puff, tease the hair from the front and pin it back with bobby pins. You can use a setting spray depending on the size of the puff you want.

Step 2:

step two

  • Take an elastic band and secure all the hair into a pony at the back.
  • Make sure the pony tail is well above the nape.

Step 3:

step three

  • Now grab a section of hair that is of about 2 inches in thickness.
  • Take this hair from behind the pony tail.

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Step 4:

step four

  • Wrap this section around
  • Next, secure it with a bobby pin.

If you wish, you can leave the hair style at that. It will look good. However, it will not give you the French twisted pony tail look. It will be a different hair style on its own.

Step 5:

step five

  • Now use your fingertips and pull the wrap
  • Do it in such a way that it slides downwards
  • Make sure you do it slowly
  • If required, you can take the help of a rear mirror
  • This will help you check that the wrap comes down smoothly with equal thickness.

And you are done!

Final Look:

final look

If you feel that all the sliding has loosened the wrap, you can use another bobby pin from behind at the lower end of the wrap. This will help secure the wrap more and let the French Twist Look stay secure.

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Closer Looks:

closer looks

So that is how you can create the French Twisted Pony Tail hair style in 5 easy steps.

Watch a Video from StylecrazeTV :

How To Do A French Twist Hairstyle – Tutorial & Tips

Hope you all liked the tutorial and will give it a try. Do leave us a comment and share a picture when you can!

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