Do you suffer from gastritis and the terrible pain that comes along with it? Have you considered changing your food habits and menus to get relief from this pain? Many people take medication for pain relief from ulcer and gastritis symptoms. But the truth is that medicines prescribed by physicians don’t provide relief permanently. In fact, prolonged usage of these medicines can cause damage to your liver! It’s a much better idea to change your daily diet. It’s safer and you get the benefits of eating nutritious foods that will have a great effect on your overall health.

Gastritis Diet Plan

Foods to Avoid:

The diet for gastritis will go a long way in helping you get rid of the pain and agony that comes with the condition. Getting rid of certain foods is a great idea when you want permanent relief from gastritis. Avoid the following foods from now on:

  • Coffee
  • Hot chocolate or cocoa
  • Spearmint and peppermint tea
  • Whole milk
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Juices with orange and grapefruit
  • Spiced cheeses
  • Sausage, salami, ham, bacon, etc.
  • Onion and garlic
  • Tomato juice, paste or sauce
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Foods to Consume:

Don’t let the above list put you off! There are plenty of delicious foods that you can consume.

Are you wondering what foods to include in your daily diet? Whole grains are a must. Try whole-wheat breads, pasta, cereals and brown rice. When it comes to meat, choose lean red along with poultry and fish. Eggs, beans, nuts, should also be included in plenty. For more information on good foods for gastritis, you should definitely consult your dietician.

You should also make sure that you eat foods from the different food groups to help you get rid of gastritis. Plan a healthy meal that does not contain any unhealthy fats, added sugar or salt. To get a dose of healthy fats, turn to canola oil and olive oil.

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Will Avoiding Spicy Foods Help?

There’s no real proof that avoiding spicy foods will cure gastritis; however, it can help in providing you relief from its symptoms. Since painful inflammation has already weakened your stomach, eating spicy foods like curry, chili powder, peppers and hot sauce will only aggravate the problems. This is why one of the first pieces of advice to a gastritis patient always is to avoid spicy foods.

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Water, Water and More Water!

You may have noticed that water is an important part of every diet. It helps in flushing out toxins from your body and keeps your body hydrated. It is recommended that you drink 8 to 10 glasses of water per day. A little more wouldn’t hurt either! Water will prevent the symptoms of gastritis from acting up and also give you the benefit of a glowing skin. Who doesn’t want that?

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Other Important Tips:

  • The secret to having an effective gastritis diet is making sure that every bite of food you take in is easily digestible.
  • Low fat dairy products help in controlling acid secretion.
  • There is nothing better than drinking plenty of coconut water for the initial 24 hours of starting your diet.
  • Carrot juice as well as spinach juice has wondrous effects on your body and help in preventing gastritis.
  • If you suffer from chronic gastritis, you should fast for the first 2 to 3 days. It’s also advisable to drink only fruit juices.
  • Don’t mix too many different types of food.
  • Always relax and enjoy your meals instead of eating in a hurry.

Following a diet plan for gastritis is fairly easy. When you know which foods to avoid and which ones to consume, you’re already on your way to getting rid of the gastritis condition. A diet and lifestyle change is exactly what you need to be free of the symptoms of gastritis. Since you’re taking in only nutritious foods, your overall health also benefits from the gastritis diet, so that’s an added incentive to get on this diet as soon as possible!

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