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19 Genius Styling Ideas Just To Make Your Thin Hair Look Thick!

19 Genius Styling Ideas Just To Make Your Thin Hair Look Thick! May 11, 2018

Skinny is great for jeans, pastas and margaritas. But, what about your hair? Not really! But the bitter reality is – fine and thin hair happens! Blame it on your hormones, heredity, passage of time or on abuse. But don’t fret! In addition to an arsenal of good products and right techniques, there are a number of ways to get thicker-looking hair without actually clipping on the extension.

1. Start With A Good Volume Spray:

Start With A Good Volume Spray Pinit

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Start styling your hair with a good volume spray. Try different brands to find out which works best for you, and carry it with you – always!

2. Avoid Your Roots While Conditioning:

Avoid Your Roots While Conditioning Pinit

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Applying conditioner on your roots will make your hair greasy. While applying a conditioner, try to avoid the roots; rather, apply it on the bottom 3/4th portion of your hair.

Pay close attention while rinsing to remove all the traces of the conditioner from your hair.

3. Use Dry Shampoo:

Teasing Can Give An Instant Lift Pinit

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Dry shampoo can give your hair a fine texture along with a lift.

Expert Tip: Apply it at night and not in the morning for best results. If you do this, the product will absorb more oil and will apparently give your hair more volume.

If you’re running out of stock, you can also use baby powder!

4. Teasing Can Give An Instant Lift!

Cut It Short Pinit

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Teasing is always the best way to get an instant lift. Just divide your hair into sections, tease them backward, spray your hair with a volumizing spray and get the volume instantly! Voila!

5. Cut It Short:

Apply Mousse Pinit

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If you’ve fine hair, then short to medium hair lengths are best for you!

Once the tip of your hair hits the shoulder, your strands will tend to fray and appear thinner. Keep your hair short and bouncy!

6. Apply Mousse:

Get Highlights And Lowlights Pinit

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Spray mousse on your damp hair and then gently run the comb over the mousse. Comb from the mid-length till the ends. Make sure that the product is distributed evenly. It will give you instant thickness.

7. Get Highlights And Lowlights:

Bleach It Pinit

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Adding darker and lighter shades to your hair can give it visual depth. Worth a try!

8. Bleach It.

Regular Trimmings Pinit

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Bleach damages the hair, I admit, but it’s the damage that increases the diameter of each strand to almost double. Need not bleach the entire head, highlighting selected portions will do!

9. Go For Regular Trimmings:

Get Waves Pinit

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It stands true for maintaining any type or style of hair. Regular trimming prevents split ends and maintains the shape and texture of your hair.

10. Get Waves:

Blow Dry In The Opposite Direction Pinit

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Try to incorporate shorter layers to your cut in order to lighten things up. Longer hair weighs itself down, which results in making it appear thinner.

11. Blow Dry In The Opposite Direction:

Get A Glaze Pinit

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Blow drying can help you make your hair look thick. Flip your hair upside down, blow air from underneath and get thicker-looking hair all day long!

12. Get A Glaze:

Ponytail A Lift With This Simple Trick Pinit

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A glaze on each strand actually helps in increasing the hair’s diameter. Get it done from a pro!

13. Give Your Ponytail A Lift With This Simple Trick:

Part In The Opposite Direction Pinit

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Instead of pulling all your hair back into a pony; start with a half-up style; secure it tightly and add some volume by teasing it slightly on the crown area. Once you’re okay with the lift, add the remaining hair to the top section and secure it with another hair tie. Lifted!

14. Part In The Opposite Direction:

Use Colored Hair Powder Pinit

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Want an instant boost in the volume? Part your hair in a different direction than you usually do. When you’re parting your hair in the same place for years, your hair becomes trained to lay flat on both sides. Try flipping your hair on the opposite side and BAM: volume!

15. Use Colored Hair Powder:

Overdo Hair Color Pinit

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If you’re a blonde, then dry shampoo is enough for you, but for those with brown and black hair, colored hair powder can do wonders! Along with getting texture and volume, you can also hide the scalp!

16. Don’t Overdo Hair Color:

Hair Color Pinit

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Processing your hair quite often can make your hair look thinner. Try to take long gaps between your appointments and also make sure that your colorist does not pull the color through every time you visit him.

17. Applying Oil Can Make Your Hair Look Thinner!

Applying Oil Can Make Your Hair Look Pinit

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If you wish to make your hair look thicker, DO NOT APPLY OIL before stepping out of the door! It just adds shine to your hair, nothing more than that! Instead, it acts as a coating on the hair and weighs them down, making your hair look thinner and greasy.

18. Follow Pan Caking Technique:

Follow Pan Caking Technique Pinit

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You can try this pan cake technique on all types of braids. All you need to do is this – once you’re done with braiding, pull out each loop gently from one side. Make sure that you are pulling out just a pinch. Your braid will appear much thicker now!

19. DIY- Volumizer:

DIY- Volumizer Pinit

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Make your own volumizer with ingredients that you already own! Combine equal parts of Epsom salt and conditioner and stir until the salt gets dissolved. Apply this on your hair and let it sit for 15-20 minutes before you rinse it off.

You’ll feel that your hair is much thicker and more voluminous after it dries out. Ta-da!

Which of these tips have you tried before? How do you add volume to your hair? Share your experience with us in the comments box below!