22 Simple Tips To Get Rid Of Blemishes On Face February 15, 2017

Are you afraid to meet people or go out for parties because of the blemishes on your face skin? Sitting back at home and hiding from others is not the solution. You have to find out a way to clean and clear skin and gain back confidence.

How To Remove Blemishes On Face:

Below mentioned are some of the most popular home remedies for blemishes

1. Rub calamine lotion over the blemish. It absorbs excess oil and helps get rid of the blemish. Use calamine lotion as often as needed.

2. Wrap an ice cube in a washcloth or dish towel and hold it onto the blemish for about five minutes. It’ll work on your blemish and decrease inflammation.

3. Use a good sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher whenever you go outside. The sun can make blemishes worse and can interfere with certain acne medications and treatments.

4. Eating ginger as well as garlic is good.

5. Improve your diet. You should consume fibre-rich fruits and vegetables in plenty.

6. Detoxifying the body is also very good. Drink about 6 to 10 glasses of water on a daily basis.

7. Moderate exercise helps.

8. Change the pillow cover everyday as the perspiration on it can contain bacteria.

9. Lemon juice can be applied as bleach.

10. Apply Vitamin E or odorless castor oil every night.

11. You may also apply lightening gel which will fade away the blemish.

12. Make a mix of one part of apple cider vinegar and eight parts of water. Store the solution and rinse your face with it once or twice daily.

13. Anti-marks cream are also helpful.

14. Break open one garlic capsule and squeeze the content into a one tablespoon of your moisturizer and dab it on the blemishes.

15. Boil chamomile and lemon juice in water. The application of this decoction helps heal blemishes on the skin. This however works on best on blemishes caused due to acne scars.

16. Mix some vinegar and 3 mashed potatoes. Apply this over the effected area over night.

17. Apply 3 mashed carrots to your face for 15 to 20 minutes. Wash this off with milk.

18. Mash green payayas and apply to your face for 15 minutes.

Three home-made face packs which are very effective on blemished skin:

19. Mix together a little bit of honey, lemon and a pinch of turmeric. Apply this mixture to the skin regularly. This combination can be very effective if used properly and regularly.

20. Add sandalwood paste to water and apply it to your skin where the blemishes are. Sandalwood is good for keeping your skin clear and free of acne or blemishes. Sandalwood also soothes a painful pimple or boil on the skin.

21. Put three strawberries in a bowl and smash them with a fork. Pour enough vinegar in the bowl to make a paste with the strawberries. Spread this strawberry and vinegar paste onto the problem area of your skin and keep it on overnight. Use a towel in between your face and your pillow to protect your linens. Wash the paste off in the morning.

22. Use this paste every night. Make it a habit to use it even after the blemishes are gone, to keep the blemishes away and keep your skin clear.

However, this is one case where we can positively say that prevention is better than cure! Once the acne hits, get ridding of it is a time taking process that eventually even works badly on your self confidence and self image! So here are a few simple steps to keep acne and blemishes at bay from the very beginning.

Four Simple Guidelines To Prevent Blemishes:

a. Gently exfoliate your skin every day to remove hardened oils and to prevent spotting, but it is always advisable to consult a dermatologist before using any scrubbers on your skin.

b. Don’t use rough washcloths, alcohol-soaked pads, or sponges on your skin. These can cause irritation that increases production of oil and creates new blemishes.

c. Make CTM a part of your daily schedule especially if you have oily skin.

d. Moisturize your skin with an oil-free and alcohol-free moisturizer every day after you rinse off your cleanser, and before you put on makeup. A moisturizer with alpha-hydroxyl acids may be good for your skin, but ask your doctor first.

e. Don’t poke, probe, squeeze, or otherwise manipulate blemishes or pimples with your fingers, especially dirty fingers. Let your cleanser and exfoliants do the work.

What Causes Blemishes On Face?

Blemishes have but one major reason to actually develop and that is excessive oil production. Blemishes are mainly the after math of an acne burst. The pimple goes away but it leaves behind scars that will never let you forget it. So the cause for blemish is the clogging of pores with dead skin cells and excessive oils which results  in acne. When this happens on the upper layers of the epidermis, we get white heads and black heads but when this happens in the inner layers we end up with acne. Acne leaves are skin red and inflamed which then turns into a blemish once the pimple vanishes.

There are two things that can lead to development of acne or blemishes over all. One is the presence of dead skin cells in numbers enough to cause clogging and second is excessive production of oils which when combined with the skin cells causes acne and blemishes. Another reason behind the turning up of acne can be hormones. Imbalances in hormonal production can lead to excessive oil production which ultimately can result in acne and blemish troubles.

Moral of the story is that when it comes to acne and blemishes everything is connected to the oil secretion by your glands. And this holds true no matter which part of your body you see an out burst of pimples.

It is however but obvious that waiting for the pimples to vanish and praying that skin blemishes don’t appear is never the solution. Some things don’t fix themselves and pimples are one of them. Treating it appropriately is the only way you can make sure that it doesn’t come to haunt to you. You can try over the counter drugs or even ones prescribed by a doctor or you can dive into your grandmother’s secret diary too! There is treatment for acne and blemishes in all three kinds. So here is how you can remove blemishes and treat acne.

Over The Counter Drugs:

This is first thing you can try. On the first sight of an acne burst you can try out a few over the counter drugs and products that are specifically formulated for the use acne treatment or acne prone skin.

Pick up any medication that contains salicylic acid, lactic acid or benzoyl peroxide. They initially tend to    cause flaking, dryness and skin irritation, the symptoms improve over the first month.

Doctor Prescribed:

It is however advised that if your acne does not come in control with over the counter drugs, you take the advise of a professional. As your acne can also be caused due to hormonal fluctuations during any age, sometime over the counter drugs don’t work. In some cases, the use of birth control pills cause the acne whereas in some birth control pills are prescribed to control acne. This is a decision only a professional can take.

In certain cases of extreme acne, microdermabrasion or chemical peel or even laser surgery to control sebum secretion needs to be performed and this can be prescribed and performed only by a certified doctor.

But in lot of cases, this form of treatment fails us and that is when we give in to the age old wisdom of our ancestors and get back to the tried and tested natural remedies.

Follow our simple remedies and get rid of blemishes on face. After all a clear and radiant skin will make you look attractive and beautiful. Also please share your thoughts on removing blemishes.

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