Get Rid of Those Dry Cuticles! August 7, 2015

We, women, are vain creatures. Hang on, make it sometimes.

And you ask, why do we think so?

Well, makeup is our addiction and for most of us, the one product we can’t get enough of is our nail polish. But then, do we really care for our nails? NO.

But this summer when your nails get dry, your nail beds turn yellowish and your cuticles go dry, then it is a good indicator that it’s time to step up and get rid of those dry cuticles and other  troublemakers! So, read ahead and learn the tricks to unlock dry cuticle problems that are often overlooked—and how to correct them, ASAP.

What You Need To Take Care Of Dry Cuticles:

Collect your materials. You will need effective cuticle oil, like Mavala Daily Cuticle Oil or a cuticle remover, some cotton pads, a cuticle pusher and trimmer. Sanitize the tools with rubbing alcohol, I use a hand sanitizer, it works just as well.

Dry Cuticles Treatment:

Step 1:

Apply the cuticle oil or remover as directed on the packaging. Using these makes your cuticles soft and easier to cut; they will make removing them painless. If you don’t have any of these products, try soaking your fingers in a bowl of warm water till they become soft and then use a body butter or cold cream to keep them soft through the process.

Step 2:

Push your cuticles back with the cuticle pusher, at this time you can also remove dirt in your nails. Be careful, go from one side of the nail to the other and don’t be forceful, you may cut yourself and cause infection.

Step 3:

Any cuticles that come up and look loose and dry snip them with a cuticle cutter. Try to get just the loose ones; don’t dig till the skin to get them all, this can cause you much pain and damage on the nail that can only be grown out.

Step 4:

Another way to get rid of dry cuticles is by gently pushing back cuticles using an orange wood stick after taking a hot bath. Next, stimulate blood circulation by rubbing cuticles with a dry towel until it turns pink. Then take some organic olive oil and rub in for another five minutes. You will not believe how the cuticles will become soft and silky, just like a salon effect!

Step 5:

Use the cotton pads to clean off the oil and debris. And you’re done! Remove all oil from the nails if you wish to paint them.

Step 6:

To wake up with perfect cuticles mix Hand & Nail Crème by Butter London with glycerine or Vaseline in the night and rub into cuticles thoroughly.


If you don’t have loose cuticles, don’t cut them. It will save you trouble and your nails will look beautiful even if the cuticles are pushed back! Use a cuticle cream regularly to keep your dry cuticles nice and soft.

Point To Be Noted:

Ladies, please remember to use a basecoat. Basecoat is like a foundation to your makeup. Doctors state that our natural nail has oils in it that helps prevent nail polish from adhering well, and in order to seal out the oils you need to apply a good base coat before your nail polish. We prefer, Sally Hansen’s Salon Gel Polish Gel Base Coat

So there you have it – some handy tips to get rid of dry cuticles. Doing this will help your nails look beautiful and will turn your dry cuticles to smooth and soft cuticles. Let us know if you have any suggestions. We value your feedback.

Doing this will help your nails look beautiful!!! Dry cuticles will turn to smooth and soft cuticles.

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