The trend these days is looking beautiful while wearing the minimum possible makeup. And nude makeup gives you that desired look. It is a timeless, classic make up style and any woman would look fab by knowing how to achieve this look. Nude make up suits all skin tones, from fair to dark. Nude makeup is the best alternative to flaunt a much-desired flawless, impeccable skin.

P.S. : Always remember that doing the nude make up look is to make your eyes pop a little, because nude lips with nude eyes will make us look ghost-like. C’mon now, who wants to look like a ghost, so work a little on your eyes and you’ll get that beautiful glowing look.

How To Do Nude Make Up

These are some simple steps to get that classy and sophisticated look:

    • Firstly, clean your face with a face wash that suits your skin and dab it dry so that your face is free of any oil or dirt.
    • Then the foundation. It smoothens out uneven skin tone also acts as a base for the rest of the make up to stay long on your face. Choose a foundation tone similar to your natural skin colour so that it blends well with your skin.
    • A concealer is a must to cover blemishes on your skin(if you have any). Choose one close to your skin tone. Dab it directly on the spot with a brush and blend well. You may also use your finger tips to apply concealer as they blend into the skin faster and better.

With this, your skin will look flawless and radiant.

  • Eyes can be your best feature to play around with for the nude make up look. Glam up your eyes with an eyeliner, a mascara and a matte based eye shadow. First, curl up your lashes and apply mascara, then line your upper lid with eyeliner and finally blush your eyelids with a medium-brown eyeshadow. There, you’ve managed to give your eyes the depth and definition needed for the look.
  • Next, work on your cheeks. Use a soft warm-tone blush on the apples of your cheek to get the radiance. You can choose colours from very light pinks (for fair skin with reddish undertones), to peaches (fair with yellowish undertones), to apricots and browns (for darker skin) depending upon your skin.

    • Then your lips. Don’t forget to exfoliate your lips so that they do not appear rough, dry or chapped. Gentle exfoliation also brings out the natural colour of the lips. To keep it simple, apply a lip balm in a natural colour such as pink and add some gloss to complete the nude make up look. You may also use a matte or a semi-matte lipstick over your lip balm to keep your lips from drying up.

Some Tips:

A suggestion on the colours that will work wonders with nude makeup. The basic nude colours are light brown sand colours, light yellow/orange based browns, and pink-based light brown mixes. If you have a darker skin tone, keep the lip colour to darker brown and brown pinks. Do not use too light shades as that’ll look washed out and ashy. Matte and semi-matte lip shades rather that glossy ones give that perfect nude lips look.

Try this out and get a wonderful fresh and dewy look on your skin.

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    Yes, this days even college girls also prefer to wear nude makeup,.. Nice article