Gorgeous Date Night Makeup – Step By Step Tutorial With Pictures January 31, 2017

So, the date is fixed and you are eagerly looking to spend some time with your boyfriend/husband/fiancé. The feeling is, isn’t it? This is one time when you want to look your best. It is the time when you want to take a break from your usual makeup routine and spice up your look for some sweet romance. Yes, true love looks beyond outer beauty, but we still want to look beautiful, right? So, if you are heading for a date, we have a sweet and soft makeup look created with pinks and purples. Wish to try something sweet and feminine, then you should check out this tutorial on makeup for date night.

Date Night Makeup Tutorial:

Let’s make you beautiful with this date night makeup tutorial:

Step 1:

Apply an eye cream to hydrate your eye area. This step will help in keeping control of drier patches, which can arise after concealer application. Then, take a full coverage concealer and conceal dark circles to create a flawless base. Set the concealer with a compact powder to prevent creasing of the product.

Let’s begin the eye makeup. Apply a soft pink creamy base to your eye lid area to lighten eyelid pigmentation and increase the vibrancy of the eyeshadow to be applied later. Then, softly smudge the creamy base with a stiff flat eyeshadow brush. Here, I used the Tips and Toes eye pencil in pink.

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Step 2:

Take a shimmery pinkish lilac eyeshadow and apply it all over the eye base. Use a flat eyeshadow brush and pat the eyeshadow gently to build good color intensity. Stop the eyeshadow in the two thirds of the eye area and do not take it to the outermost corner of the eye. I have used the Revlon shadow links eyeshadow in Pink.

Step 3:

Then, apply a shimmery purplish eyeshadow at the outer corner of the eye area which we left bare in the previous step. Use a flat eyeshadow brush again and pat the eyeshadow gently to build color intensity. To get the perfect look, I used the Lakme eyeshadow palette in Tanjore Rush for the purple eyeshadow.

Step 4:

Apply a matte black eyeshadow to the outer v of the eye area to add more dimension and depth to your eyes. Use a fluffy blending brush and blend the eyeshadow with the purple for a soft smokey look. Here, I used the Oriflame marcel makeup palette for the matte black eyeshadow.

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Step 5:

ake a thin angled eyeshadow brush and apply a slightly lighter purple eyeshadow to the upper lash line and also at the two thirds of your eye. Remember to use a light hand during application of the eyeshadow in this step. Then use a blending brush to smudge out the harsh lines.

Step 6:

Apply a light whitish champagne eyeshadow to the innermost corner of the eye. This step will highlight and make your eyes appear brighter. Here, I used the Revlon shadow links eyeshadow in sand. Then, apply the same pinkish lilac and purplish eyeshadow to the lower lash line to balance the eye makeup. Apply a black eye kajal to the waterline and tight line of your eyes to define the eyes. Here, I used the Lotus Herbals kajal in black. Apply required amount of mascara to give an illusion of thicker eye lashes. I used the Loreal million lashes mascara to get the desired look.

Step 7:

Line your lips with a soft pink lip liner and then fill it with a light pink lipstick. Here, I used the Nivea lip balm in pomegranate and topped it with Kryolan lipstick 165.

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Step 8:

Apply a heavy coverage foundation all over your face to get a flawless look. Then, set it with powder to prevent creasing. Here, I used the Lakme Face stylist foundation and compact. Apply a soft matte pink blush to the apples of your cheeks for a rosy glow. I used the Inglot blush in 32 here.

And you are ready for a romantic night out! Do try this look and be your gorgeous best!

Do you use special makeup during your date nights? Do share with us in the comments section below.

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