Gradient Nail Art Tutorial – With Detailed Steps And Pictures February 1, 2017

A gradient nail art is very easy to create. We can create it by using just a piece of sponge. However it is a bit different from Sponge nail art when defined from the way it should actually look like. In Sponge nail art, you don’t need to show how two or more colors gets mixed into each other in a gradient pattern. But in Gradient nail art, you need to properly show this. This can look a bit like air brushing when done.

Now to depict this nail art glitter gradient pattern in a proper way, the best possible approach is to use striping tapes to create a pattern and then show the gradient of the different colors.

Gradient Nail Art Tutorial

So let’s see how to do gradient nail art in easy steps.

Things You Need:

  • A base coat (optional)
  • A skin color nail polish
  • A transparent glitter polish
  • A light blue nail polish
  • A purple nail polish
  • A sea green nail polish
  • A pair of crafts scissors
  • A reel of striping tape (any color will do because we will remove these anyhow at the end)
  • A piece of sponge

Step by Step Tutorial:

Step 1: Apply Base Coat

If you are using a base coat then use 2 coats on to the nails before starting this design. Now after the base coat has dried, use 2 coats of nude colour nail polish like Victoria by Tips and Toes or a similar colour. You can also use white nail polish. This is just to make the base more opaque. Let it dry completely before moving onto step 2.

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Step 2: Apply Blue Nail Polish

Now apply blue nail polish at least twice and cover all the nails fully. Let it dry completely such that there is not a single bit of stickiness left. This is very important, otherwise the nail polish will come off along with the striping tapes at the last stage of this nail art process.

Step 3: Attach The Striping Tapes

Cut bits of striping tapes into small pieces and place them on a fully dried blue nail polish surface. Make sure to remember the way along which you have placed them.

Step 4: Dab Purple And Green Nail Polish

Now take your sponge, cut it into two pieces. Take one piece and take a bit of purple polish. Dab it on a surface a bit to shed off the excess colour. Now dab this onto the nails unevenly. Leave the root position of the nails so that the blue colour is visible. Also leave a very tiny portion at places at the tip position. Now take the other bit of sponge and take the green nail polish, dab the excess on a surface and use on the place you have left out at the tip of the nails moving up till middle of the purple portion but not covering it fully. It should look something like this.

Step 5: Remove Striping Tapes

Do not wait for the sponged colours to dry. Immediately after finishing the green part of sponging, pull off the striping tapes one after the other in the direction in which you have laid them. There remains a chance of ripping off some polish if you remove them in the opposite direction. It should look something like above after completion.

Step 6: Apply Glitter Polish As Top Coat

Instead of a transparent polish, I have used a glitter polish as a top coat. You can do this or you can also use a transparent polish, then sprinkle some glitters on it.

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Did you like this gradient nail art designs? Will you try it? Do share your experiences once you try this gradient nail art. There is also an android app where you can share your nail art pictures within the community. It offers all the easy nail arts to challenging designs.

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