Hair Extensions: The New Trend in Town August 4, 2016

Adding a touch of style to our everyday lives and looks is something we all enjoy, and we should. In addition to using styling products and makeup, there are many other ways that can give you an instant makeover, changing your everyday look into something different in a matter of minutes.

One such product that can bring about a beautiful change in your look, or simply enhance your current style, is hair extension.

You may have loved the different looks your favourite stars or celebrities flaunt on a red carpet event. A lot of that can be credited to the smart use of hair extensions.

What Are Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions are also known as hair integrations. These were originally innovated to add length to one’s hair, but are now used as a fashion accessory. Hair extensions can be made of natural hair or artificial hair and come in different varieties, that help you play around with your look in fun and interesting ways.

How Do Hair Extensions Work?

The hair styling industry today offers different kinds of extensions and various formats of using hair extensions.

Hair extensions are clipped onto small sections of your hair with the help of techniques like weaving in, heat fusing, clamping with metal rods, wax or polymers, and gluing amongst others. Most of them involve a coat on the natural hair strands with some foreign substances. Some are said to last for weeks and some for months. The amount of time these will last properly in your hair depends on how well you maintain them.

Reasons To Go For Hair Extension:

There can be various reasons for someone to go in for a hair extension.

  • Those who do not have good hair growth can go for these to add extra length to their hair.
  • It can be used to get a new look like a fringe or a particular cut.
  • Add some bounce to your regular hair.
  • Add some colour in your hair without using chemical colours.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Getting Hair Extensions:

If you are interested in adding a few strands of extra hair to your natural mane, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind before getting the procedure done.

  • Always get the hair extensions placed in your hair with the help of a professional stylist. Some of the extensions might look easy to do by yourself, but doing so can definitely harm your hair.
  • The extensions that you place in should not be too tight. If you are experiencing any sort of pain or discomfort, immediately talk to your hair stylist and get it rectified.
  • Always go for extensions that are good in quality, even though they might be more expensive. You don’t want accessories in your hair that can cause damage later.
  • Remember to take care of your natural hair. Hair that is damaged cannot bear much styling, even if it is only hair extensions. Oil your hair regularly, go for regular treatments and take good care of it.

Types Of Hair Extensions:

Now that you have decided to get them, here are the types of hair extensions you can go for:

1. Colorful Clip-On:

Colorful Clip-On

Image: Getty

These are some of the most popular hair extensions, as they can instantly add color to your hair without the need of any harmful chemicals.

In this particular style, colorful hair wefts have been snapped into the hair sections. Hair colours are really ‘in’ when it comes to experimenting with your look. These hair extensions are great for those who do not want to put colour in their hair and add chemicals.

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2. Accessorized:


Image: Getty

These are mainly used to add some funk to your hair by using various embellishing items.

In this style, the hair extension is paired with a hair accessory that instantly makes the hair look glamorous. Go for different looks and try pairing them with different accessories to get a new look each time.

3. Extended Length:

Extended Length

Image: Getty

One of the most common uses of hair extensions is to add length to regular hair.

In this style, hair extensions have been added to the natural hair to offer length. So for those of you who have short hair, no more worrying about your hair length to try out new styles.

4. Triple Weft Hair Extensions:

Triple Weft Hair Extensions

Image: Getty

Hair extensions are also used to add some volume and thickness to hair that is naturally thin or light.

This style represents the increase in hair thickness with the help of wefts. You may have loved a particular style, but couldn’t try it out earlier due to your thin hair. All those worries are now taken care of!

5. Short Extensions:

Short Extensions

Image: Getty

Hair extensions can also be added to short hair to give it a new style.

This style shows how extensions have been added in the front to naturally short hair to offer an angular shape. Who said you can’t experiment with your short hair? With these extensions, you can even add a new look and style to your short hair quite frequently.

6. Fiber Optic Hair Extensions:

Fiber Optic Hair Extensions

Image: Shutterstock

Hair extensions are great to add some instant style to your hair and what better way to do it than this? Get some funky and eye popping fiber optic hair extensions and turn on the drama!

These are some interesting ways to add style and length to your natural hair. Make sure you have a good chat with your hair stylist and discuss your hair type and condition before you get one. And once you do, remember to tell us all about it! Till then, keep it stylish!

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