Top 10 Hair Loss Symptoms You Should Be Aware Of June 22, 2016

Hair loss is a common phenomenon faced by women of all ages. Our hair growth cycle follows a pattern where the hair grows, falls and new hair grows back, covering up the hair loss. This growth cycle is majorly affected by diet and other health conditions in women. When there is a disturbance in the phases of hair growth, you may experience hair fall symptoms with time. So, how do you know whether your hair loss is just normal hair loss or a symptom of a hair loss problem?

Here are the 10 most common symptoms of hair loss that could indicate a hair loss problem:

1. Thinning of hair:

Hair loss due to thinning is one of the most common hair loss symptoms. It usually starts with the hair thinning out even if you see no actual evidence of hair fall. The hair thinning process may not accompany heavy hair fall but it is a slow pattern process where you would eventually lose hair more than normal hair loss. This thinning of hair happens gradually. You may not even be aware of it until you suddenly wake up one morning and realize that your hair is thinner than it was a few months ago.

2. Brittle hair:

When you touch your hair, it feels brittle and breaks easily. This is the biggest hair loss symptom which all of us ignore. Brittle hair is a cause of poor diet and an unhealthy lifestyle. The lack of proper nutrition affects your hair like any other part of your body. You could easily notice this symptom by just holding your hair and the hair from the roots would just fall out without any pain.

3. Hair loss from all over the body:

Hair loss symptoms affect the hair all over the body and you don’t lose hair only from the head. Thinning of one’s eyebrows is the biggest concern for women. When your eyebrow thins out without tweezing or waxing, it is an issue that needs your attention. Natural remedies like applying castor oil on the eyebrows can work effectively. Hence, there is no harm figuring out what works for you.

4. You see it everywhere:

Hair loss doesn’t start with showing you extreme hair loss symptoms at the initial stages. You are bound to encounter hair loss symptoms which you may not realize are symptoms at all. In fact you may have been ignoring these. For example, you may notice that a lot of hair falls away when you use your brush. The hair loss may be so much that you have to clean out your brush after each use. You might also find a lot of hair fall on a hair towel or a pillow that you slept on. These are hair loss symptoms.

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5. Hair loss from the scalp:

Severe hair loss which might have happened over a period of four to six months can result in small to big patches on your scalp. This is a major hair loss issue. Your hair may be thinning out so much that you can see it reflected on the scalp.

6. Hair loss only on the front and top of the head:

If you have hair loss only on the front and top part of your head, your hair loss symptoms indicate an underlying disease. The hair on the front and top will thin and fall out altogether. This type of hair loss may alert you to watch out for any health conditions, and you should see your doctor immediately.

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7. Itching or irritation:

Irritation of the scalp is a symptom of hair loss for some. This issue arises mainly due to hair color allergy or any new shampoo that you may have tried recently. However, this hair loss condition is temporary and will end after you seek some medical help.

8. Your hair hurts when tying it:

If you frequently do your hair in very tight ponytails or braids, your head might hurt and it is usually accompanied by hair loss. This hair loss condition can be said to be temporary and will end soon, once you take a break from tying it very tight.

9. Hair loss when it is wet:

If you see a lot of hair clogging your washroom gutter as soon as you have finished your hair wash, know that this is the biggest sign and symptom that you are suffering from hair loss.

10. Dryness:

Pollution, hair dyes, electric curlers, straightening irons, blow dryers, over-exposure to the sun are major factors that can contribute towards making your hair look frizzy and dry. This condition of the hair usually brings about some hair fall but not heavy hair fall. A good hair mask or conditioner can help to solve this issue.

Are you experiencing any of the above symptoms? If ‘yes’ your hair is calling for help!

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