• You are dressed up for that happening party in a LBD when you suddenly notice a veil of white covering your shoulder. Yup, these snowy flakes are dandruff and you better stick to all whites till you can get rid
  • Is your kid losing hair for apparently no reason? It’s better to look for the root cause early before the little one loses significant amounts of hair and his/her self-confidence. Whether a medical or non-medical cause, it’s necessary to get
  • In the world of hair color, there are very few names that have gained renown, trust, and loyalty from their users. With constantly evolving technology, it becomes difficult for many to keep up, and the result is that they either
  • Wavy locks and natural curls are the rave these days. If you are looking for an easy hairstyle that is almost guaranteed to get you dozens of compliments, try scrunching. It is the easiest way to get textured hair without
  • Getting your hair colored is a big decision. Don’t think I’m trying to be dramatic; it’s true. The color you pick is going to stay with you for a minimum of 45 days. Of course, this depends on which brand
  • Every girl must select a right hair brush, based on her hair quality or the style she wants to flaunt, in order to have a perfect hairstyle. Investing in a good quality, detangling hair brush ensures huge savings. A detangling
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