Hairstyle Choices of the Glam Queen: Madonna April 2, 2015

She is now more than 50 years old and she still looks not a year older than someone in their early 30’s! Ever so beautiful and glamorous with the courage to experiment that most women half her age don’t possess! Madonna has flair. That is for certain. But what works for her more than the sense of style is the amount of comfort she has with her self that reflects in her confidence levels. No matter what look she goes for, she is always certain that she looks good. When she tries something new whether for her makeup clothes or hair, she owns it and no one can question that!

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Madonna Hairstyles

Her hairstyles have never been the same for too long! She has experimented with very many but her are some of our favorites! Some we think that left most people with their jaws dropped open.

She has done it all! The messy to the perfectly set, ram rod straight to tight curls in both short and medium length hair. And every time around we have all been awe struck. Well she did carry it all off with such elegance that how can we not.

These are looks that run in cycles and never run out of style and she has certainly lived up to the trend and set a few standards!

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The messy, i just don’t have the time for this look that she sports is one that has appealed to men and women alike across different ages and the reason is apparent. It is HOT! But there are so many occasions where you are required to present a more mature and capable side of yourself and this when you should try the straight and sleek look she has sported too. Nothing more lovely yet capable than a few layers that are straightened and left to flow down your shoulders! Got a formal night coming up, then that is the perfect time to try it out.

But most of the time, we just want to be ourselves. Have some fun and such moods its just to hard to go with formal look or even a sexy one cause we have to admit they are not styles in which pull the roof of your car down. This is where the curls come in. They are so versatile! Lose curls, tight curls, waves and there is so much we can do with them as shown by her many a times.

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How To Do A Madonna Hair Style:

Here are a few tips and tricks on how to do a Madonna hair style

  • On days that your hair refuses to stay put don’t fight it! Instead go with it. Go for a messy little number (like Madonna in the extreme left top corner). And if you want add some color to it,then just throw in a scrunchie or a hair accessory and your good to go.
  • Your hair needn’t always be made from the same partition on the head! Switch it up and see how different you look every time. You won’t need to actually change your hairstyle.
  • Straight hair shall always be sexy but the oomph factor that curls have can never be beaten either
  • Curls don’t always have to be tight, you can even make them loose allowing them to look so very different every time around.

So yes ladies! It’s not about what you have got but about how much courage you have to try something new out!