Are you blessed with naturally curly hair? Do you find it boring to wear the same curly hairstyle every day? Well, you have reached the right page. We are going to talk about 50 amazing hairstyles for girls with curly hair here. Check out the list below:

Popular Hairdos For Curly Hair:

1. Full-Head Blonde Curls with Middle Part:


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Create a center part on your long golden blonde curly bob and let the soft luscious coils frame your face nicely. The voluminous structure and messy texture will increase your beauty to a great extent.

2. Careless Curly Bob with Side-Swept Bang:


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This shoulder-length black bob with random soft as well as spiral curls will make you look like a true careless beauty. Part it to one side, sweep the front hair over your forehead and give a messy finish.

3. Short Bob with Textured Halfway Curls:


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The specialty of this hairstyle is that the curls start leaving a few inches from the roots and turn into wispy ends. A side part and neat texturization will help you define your style perfectly.

4. Layered Spiral Curls with Center Part:


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Wondering how to style up your golden blonde spiral curls? Get a layered cut and part the hair in the middle. Finally, set the whole style by applying a hair spray.

5. Thin Delicate Full-Head Curls on Blonde Bob:


Image: Getty

This cute doll-like hairstyle suits young girls very well. Create thin delicate golden blonde curls all over your head, let the front section lie at one side of your forehead and use hairspray to set the style.

6. Thick Textured Curls Rolled Back to Side:


Image: Getty

In this medium-length curly hairstyle, the dark beige blonde curls are rolled back to one side after applying mousse to the roots. Now, take them in thick sections and texturize properly for a sexy look.

7. Soft Reddish Blonde Curls with Random Fringes:


Image: Getty

Soft large curls look extremely romantic and gorgeous on reddish blonde hair. You can add random front fringes to them in order to frame your face, while a little messy finish will complement the style rightly.

8. Super High Ponytail with Layered Wispy Ends:


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Give the natural beauty of your curls a boost by wearing this super high ponytail. Pull all your coils to your crown and secure them with a nice hair accessory. The wispy layers should rest around your head and face playfully.

9. Frizzy Voluminous Rounded Bob on Coily Hair:


Image: Getty

This rounded bob is a great choice for a round face. Super coily locks, absolute frizzes, ultimate volume and a subtle side sweep have made it look stunning.

10. Highlighted Veiled Bob with Intense Curls:


Image: Getty

This is another shoulder-length bob on thin light brown curls with light natural blonde highlights. The beautiful white veil featuring a bow has balanced off the intense curly look ideally.

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  • Indu

    thats great……

    • Ritu Rajput

      thanks Indu:)

  • divya

    Hey ritu, I have this super silky hair which makes it so hard to curl my hair. The curls actually dont come out so well as the hair is too silky for it.
    though they stay for a long time with hairsprays and stuff i dont see the curls coming out so well. any tips on this please??

  • Kriti

    Super awesome article!! i really love curls.. seeing this i wish instead of wavy haiir.. i had curly hair!! il prefer getting those permanent curls now.. :)

  • Kiri

    These are some great hair styles but clearly these people have NO IDEA ABOUT CURLY HAIR CARE!
    Girls with naturally curly hair are supposed to NOT brush your hair EVER when dry, it will ruin your curls! ONLY comb your hair when it is wet, preferably in the shower and preferably with your fingers. In fact, throw away all the brushes in your home, you don’t need them.

  • Kayla

    A. You never, ever, ever, EVER, brush naturally curly hair. All it does is make it break and frizz. I don’t even comb mine. I just use a ton of conditioner and finger comb it in the shower. Never! B. These styles are not for curly hair, they’re for curled hair. Otherwise, these styles are super cute.

  • Chantel

    ….. this isn’t for Naturaly curly hair, this is just CURLED straight hair..

  • XandraAwesome

    Everything Kiri, Kayla, and Chantel said. Truly, none of those styles are for naturally curly hair unless you plan on using a curling iron. In addition, I wouldn’t use a spray shine enhancer on my hair. Much better to use a leave in conditioning syrum and then a natural oil for shine (coconut, almond, even olive oil). Also, the only reason to EVER comb out your hair outside of the shower is if you want to frizz and fro out your hair – sometimes it’s fun to do that style haha. Instead of this article check out the Curly Girl: The Handbook by Lorraine Massey and Shameless Maya an/or Curls Bf on youtube for fantastic tips and styling techniques for all lengths of hair.
    Side note: I have fine “Botticelli” curls and both the book and videos work really well for me even though I don’t have kinky curls.

  • TruthIsBeauty


    And, hello, you NEVER brush curly hair as it makes it all frizzy and those with fragile curls will wind up with straight fuzzy frizz.

    And I third or fourth “Curly Girl” book.

    my ideal treatment, wash at night, so hair is dry and very curly in the am. the best thing for me seems to be a heavy condition and oil, put it up in turbie twist and leave it while I get the rest ready.

  • shefali patel

    my hair is curly as well as it is very ruff. so when ever i do any hair style like puff, hairpin etc. it likes very bad because my hair is ruff. it is not silky therefore i cannot left my hair . in this case what can i do for my very curly and ruff hair?