50 Hairstyles To Complement Your Saree February 9, 2017

Saree is an ethnic Indian wear worn by a majority of women in the country. The saree is usually worn for all occasions including formal meetings and celebrations.

We list out 50 popular hairstyles for saree that you should definitely try out:

1. Golden Top Knot:

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Image: Getty

The top knot bun would blend-in perfectly with the saree. The bun is easy to master.

2. Medium Base Bun:

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Image: Getty

The medium base blonde bun would complement your look greatly. The bun looks extremely stylish with a traditional wear.

3. Low Base Medium Bun:

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Image: Getty

This low base bun gives a very look. Sport this Indian hairstyle for saree and look clean and upbeat.

4. Loose Side Chignon:

Loose-Side-Chignon Pinit

Image: Getty

The chignon is loose and looks effortless. The hairdo has a very casual style which would fit in perfectly in your routine

5. Golden Low Bun:

Golden-Low-Bun Pinit

Image: Getty

The golden bun gives a tousled feel to the hairdo.

6. Big High Bun:

Big-High-Bun Pinit

Image: Getty

The big high bun is tousled and extremely messy. The bun is just right for a semi-formal occasion that can be teamed up with ethnic wear.

7. Plaited Brunette Bun:

Plaited-Brunette-Bun Pinit

Image: Getty

The plaited brunette bun is intricate and stylish. The hairdo looks regal. Team it up with a saree and you will not go unnoticed.

8. Loose Braided Side Chignon:

Loose-Braided-Side-Chignon Pinit

Image: Getty

The side chignon is stylish and pretty with a very tousled flair. It’s a pleasant change from the conventional bun. Make sure you embellish it with flowers.

9. Low Shiny Bun:

Low-Shiny-Bun Pinit

Image: Getty

The low shiny bun is elegance personified hairstyle with saree. The style is bound to make you look smart. The shiny and flawless bun is tied without a single flyaway.

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10. Front Bangs Chignon:

Front-Bangs-Chignon Pinit

Image: Getty

The chignon with thick front bangs gives a unique flavor to the styling. It is edgy and sensual.

11. Side Bangs & Low Loose Bun:

Side-Bangs-&-Low-Loose-Bun Pinit

Image: Getty

The side bangs, which are thin, contour the face beautifully. The remainder of the hair is done up in a loose bun.

12. Black Big High Bun:

Black-Big-High-Bun Pinit

Image: Getty

The black big high bun is extremely chic and sassy hairstyle on saree. The stylish high lifted bun gives a voluminous detail to the hair. Team it with red lips for a style that looks elegant.

13. Twisted Chignon:

Twisted-Chignon Pinit

Image: Getty

The style exudes a graceful elegance. This chignon sports a rounded look.

14. Dry Bouffant Bun:

Dry-Bouffant-Bun Pinit

Image: Getty

The dry textured bouffant bun gives a very vintage look. If you like wearing buns this is the one to try. The hairdo would give a 60’s effect when teamed with a saree.

15. Twin Bun With Puff:

Twin-Bun-With-Puff Pinit

Image: Getty

The bun is made into two sections with one bigger and the other smaller. There is a subtle puff at the top.

16. Small Ombre Twisted Bun:

Small-Ombre-Twisted-Bun Pinit

Image: Getty

The twisted small ombre bun is chic and very smart. The style is trendy. Do the bun if you want to try a sleeker variation.

17. Chic Chignon:

Chic-Chignon Pinit

Image: Getty

This chignon is tied up with black lace. It is rolled, caved in and then tied. This is a new variant of the usual chignon.

18. Pin It:

Pin-It Pinit

Image: Getty

The bun is done the traditional way and pinned in with a bouffant. The blonde ombre shade would look super elegant if you have a clear complexion.

19. Rolled In Chignon:

Rolled-In-Chignon Pinit

Image: Getty

The chignon seems to have an elegant symmetrical rolled in pattern that makes it attractive. The loose texture just enhances the style all the more.

20. Braid Bun:

Braid-Bun Pinit

Image: Getty

The braided bun is very impressive and promises to look elegant.

21. Ponytail Messy Braid:

Ponytail-Messy-Braid Pinit

Image: Getty

The messy braid is weaved intricately giving a unique character to the style. The hairdo is elegant and very stylish.

22. Simple Long Braid:

Simple-Long-Braid Pinit

Image: Getty

The simple long braid is exquisitely weaved and would give a very traditional look when worn with a saree.

23. Thick Banged Fish Tail:

Thick-Banged-Fish-Tail Pinit

Image: Getty

The fish tail braid with thick bangs gives a very impressive and stylish feel to the hairdo. The fish braid is perennially trendy.

24. Fringe Straight:

Fringe-Straight Pinit

Image: Getty

The fringe gives an exciting new detail to the sleek hair. The hair has even edges and looks classy.

25. Bang Side Braid:

Bang-Side-Braid Pinit

Image: Getty

The two twin bangs on either side of the face give a very whimsical look to the hairstyle. The braid is simple and has a tousled touch to it. The hairstyle is looks trendy when flaunted at the front.

26. Twisted Open Hair:

Twisted-Open-Hair Pinit

Image: Getty

The hair is twisted at the front on both sides and is done with a middle part. The twist resembles a French braid. The style is neat and intricate and has a wonderful detail owing to the twisted symmetry.

27. Messy Ombre Braid:

Messy-Ombre-Braid Pinit

Image: Getty

The braid features bangs and looks its best if messy. The front bangs give a soft touch to the face. The hairdo gives an exquisite appeal to the personality, perfect to wear it with a saree.

28. Rouge Long Side Braid:

Rouge-Long-Side-Braid Pinit

Image: Getty

The rouge hue hairdo can also give a very elegant look if worn with ethnic wear. The style would exude elegance with raw edginess.

29. One Side Bang Braid:

One-Side-Bang-Braid Pinit

Image: Getty

The long black braid is teamed with perky bangs at the front, which give a completely different essence to the hairdo. The style is edgy and has a fun feel to it.

30. Small Side Braid:

Small-Side-Braid Pinit

Image: Getty

The small side braid is short and pretty. The style is crisp and has a very lively and vivacious feel to it.

31. Long Pixie:

Long-Pixie Pinit

Image: Getty

The pixie with long blunt edges gives a soft and sober appeal to the hairdo. If you like to wear the hair short, this is the hairstyle for you. You can wear it with an edgy chiffon saree.

32. Brunette Backcombed Braid:

Brunette-Backcombed-Braid Pinit

Image: Getty

The backcombed hair with the long side braid has a very casual and edgy touch. The hairdo is perky and pretty.

33. Messy Bangs Side Braid:

Messy-Bangs-Side-Braid Pinit

Image: Getty

The messy bangs side braid has an edgy and chic appeal to the style. The hairdo also has a quirky and trendy flair to it.

34. Top Bangs Braid:

Top-Bangs-Braid Pinit

Image: Getty

The top bangs are left loose while the rest of the hair is weaved into braids. The braid has a very edgy appeal.

35. Long Thin Ponytail Braid:

Long-Thin-Ponytail-Braid Pinit

Image: Getty

The long thin ponytail braid is stylish and looks very refined and elegant. Wear the hairdo with a saree and you are bound to give a stunning impression.

36. Front Loose Long Bangs:

Front-Loose-Long-Bangs Pinit

Image: Getty

The long bangs at the front contour the face and give a different look to the braid hairdo. The style imbibes a casual feel and is certainly has refined touch to it.

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37. Pulled Back:

Pulled-Back Pinit

Image: Getty

The pulled back shiny brown curls are pretty and beautiful. The style is chic and edgy and can be easily worn with a saree.

38. Braided Sleek Bun:

Braided-Sleek-Bun Pinit

Image: Getty

This braided bun has a very sleek texture. The style is crisp and trendy. Wear the bun with the ethnic saree and you will not be disappointed. Embellish it with flowers.

39. Straight Hair:

Straight-Hair Pinit

Image: Getty

The sleek hair is very edgy and simple. Wear the hairdo with the saree with this simple style and you will not be disappointed.

40. Open Hair Braid:

Open-Hair-Braid Pinit

Image: Getty

The open hair braid is another prettier version of the usual braid. The style would look elegant and attractive.

41. Blonde Side Do:

Blonde Side Do Pinit

Image: Getty

The short waves styled on the side also have a very sophisticated to feel. The style would look very elegant when teamed with a saree.

42. Mini Braided Bun:

Mini-Braided-Bun Pinit

Image: Getty

The mini braids done on either side of the mid part give a very soft yet rich detail to the hair. The bun tied tightly behind exudes the rich character to the hairdo.

43. Side Braid Open Hair:

Side-Braid-Open-Hair Pinit

Image: Getty

The side braid done with open hair gives a very trendy and chic look. The style is rich in detail and yet very trendy.

44. Side Swept Braids:

Side-Swept-Braids Pinit

Image: Getty

The long fish braid done with a side swept bangs is trendy and refined. The style has a casual yet cheerful vibe to it.

45. Small Chunky Side Braid:

Small-Chunky-Side-Braid Pinit

Image: Getty

This small chunky side braid is dressed with tousled sophistication. Do embellish with flowers.

46. French Side Braid:

French-Side-Braid Pinit

Image: Getty

The French side braid is short and very pretty. The hairdo has a very cheerful and chirpy vibe to it.

47. The Rope Braid:

The-Rope-Braid Pinit

Image: Getty

The rope like braid is yet another trendy and sophisticated version of the usual braid.

48. Half Up:

Half-Up Pinit

Image: Getty

The embellished half up style is chic and trendy. The style is pretty with a very tender feel to it.

49. Knotty Ponytail:

Knotty-Ponytail Pinit

Image: Getty

The knotted ponytail has a very tousled but neat style. The ponytail is tied at a medium base making it very edgy and smart.

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50. Side Swept Ponytail:

Image: Getty Pinit

Image: Getty

The ponytail can be done by back combing the hair and flaunting the pony on the side. The ponytail is edgy and crisp.

We have listed out 50 best hairstyles for saree here. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to write to us. We value reader feedback so do not forget to leave your comments below.

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