Women in today’s world lead a very busy life. Due to lack of proper attention to diet or a stressful work schedule, we often face severe hair trouble. The result is hair fall and thinning. Camouflaging thin hair with a good hairstyle can work wonders for you. Here are a few hairstyles for thin hair.

Best Hairstyles for Thin Hair:

1. Side Parted Bangs and Feathered Hairstyle:

Side Parted Bangs and Feathered Hairstyle

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If your hair is thin then a proper way to cover up the thinness would be using layers. A layered hairstyle for thin hair always helps to cover up the thinness at the crown. Bangs at the sides will also help to cover any sort of thinning of hair at the top.

2. Side Parting With A Sleek Hairstyle:

Side Parting With A Sleek Hairstyle

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Side parting of hair always helps to cover a portion of the thinning at the top. If you like keeping long hair then you can opt for this hairstyle. This can be a good hairstyle with some sleek side parted bangs.

3. Graduated Layers and Short Cropped Look:

Graduated Layers and Short Cropped Look

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It’s always best to keep hair short if you are having hair fall problems or experiencing thinning of hair. Even with a short cropped hairstyle you can be a bit experimental to cover up the thinness of the hair. Some front graduated bangs and a side parting can actually help you camouflage the thinness at the crown. Try out this hairstyle.

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4. Side Parted Wavy Messy Hairstyle:

Side Parted Wavy Messy Hairstyle

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A side parting will always help you cover the top thinness. You can go in for a layered hairstyle and then convert it to a side parted look with the right amount of messiness. Though it is not advisable to use a lot of hairstyling products if your hair is already thin, even then for special occasions you can try using a barrel curler and a paddle brush to give your tresses some amount of waviness.

5. Extreme Side Parted Asymmetrical Hairstyle:

Extreme Side Parted Asymmetrical Hairstyle

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If you have a much thinned top then you can opt for an extreme side parted hairstyle. Like layered hairstyles, an asymmetrical hairstyle also helps to camouflage the thinness of hair. Hop into a good parlor to get a hairstyle like the one above. Give some added feather touch to those side bangs with a curler.

6. Asymmetrical Side Parted Front Bangs:

Asymmetrical Side Parted Front Bangs

Image: Getty

A layered and asymmetrical side parted frontal banged hairstyle like the one above can really give a new edge to your look.

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7. Side Parted Outward Feathered Banged Hairstyle:

Side Parted Outward Feathered Banged Hairstyle

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This can be one of the good hairstyles for girls with thin hair and who like to keep their hair long. Get a nice side banged haircut from a good parlor. Do not forget to keep the rest of the length of the hair symmetrical and sleek. Use a strong hold spray to hold outward feathers.

8. Front Banged Messy Hairstyle:

Front Banged Messy Hairstyle

Image: Getty

Front bangs can also help cover up thinness to a certain extent. For a better look combine it with a messy wavy hairstyle.

9. Choppy Short Cropped Layered Hairstyle:

Choppy Short Cropped Layered Hairstyle

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Want to go a bit overboard with styling and yet want to cover the thinness at the top? Why not try out a layered choppy hairstyle like the one above? At the same time a side parting will help cover frontal thinning of hair.

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10. Layered Curly Hairstyle:

Layered Curly Hairstyle

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A curly hairstyle can be sweet looking and at the same time if it is accompanied by some layers then it will also help cover up thinness of the frontal portion. You can even try bringing on some sections of hair from the sides and back to the front to give it a jazzed up look.

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