Do you have a huge forehead and are you looking for hairstyles which can hide your forehead and make your face look a little less disproportionate than it is? That forehead really has a way of ruining any look you try right? It stands there like a waste land of nothing just glaring out at everyone. Have you been considering getting a hairstyle that might help you hide that away? Have you been plagued by the question “How to hide forehead with big forehead with hairstyles”?

If your answer to the above questions are yes, then you should try out one of these hairstyles for big forehead which are designed to make you look great.

Short Hairstyle with Waves to Hide Big Forehead:

short hairstyles for big foreheads

If you think that wavy hairstyles are not for you then give it a second thought because short hairstyles with waves on the sides gives an illusion of increased breadth of the forehead and the face as a whole. This in turn cuts down on the elongated look of the forehead.

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Fringes Hairstyle to Hide Big Forehead:

hide forehead with fringe hairstyle A short straight clean hair cut with a side swept thick bang can make a big difference to the appearance of your forehead. Fringes minimizes the area of the high forehead by covering them partially and highlighting your eyes. And as a result reducing the prominence of the forehead.

Messy Waves with a Clean Side Swept Bang to Hide Big Forehead:

messy hairstyles for forehead

A grand combination of Messy waves and a clean side swept bang ending in feathery finish will make you look like a rock star. Your hairstyle will not go unnoticed. If you have streaked or highlighted hair, you should definitely give it a try! This hairstyle for big forehead is perfect for the crazy side in you.

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Fringe Up Front Hairstyle to Hide Big Forehead:

fringe hairstyles for big foreheads

Love long hair but that afraid that it will makes your face look even longer? Try this hairstyle. Parted sleek straight look with frontal sectioned fringes which are neither too thick or thin, will look just great.

This style will hide your long forehead making your face look smaller in length plus it will help your preserve your corporate sleek style.

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Wavy Cut with Feathery Bangs Hairstyle to Hide Big Forehead:

step cut hairstyle wavy hair

A short length wavy haircut with thick swept feathery bangs can be great for hiding the forehead. Feathery bangs will help conceal the length and width of forehead and make the lower portion of the face and eyes stand out.

Center Part with Layers for big forehead:

This is one of the best hairstyles for broad forehead. The wavy hair with the center parting takes away the focus from the big forehead to by hiding away the glaring ends and a good portion of the top region too. It lends the face a better shape.

Next time you go to the hairdressers, don’t forget to tell them which of these hairstyles you would love to have. You can even make a combination of the above cuts and flaunt your own style statement while hiding your long forehead at the same time.

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  • Lakshanya

    I have a huge forehead and I hate showing give such great ideas To Hide forehead with hairstyles This is very helpful for who have huge forehead like me.thank you so much :) :)

    • Zinnia

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  • Shikha dressnmakeup

    Side parting with layer cut also helps in hiding forehead

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      Ur tip will also go a long way Dear :) Thanks for sharing and also thanks for ur lovely comment :)

  • Cahone2

    None of these women have big foreheads.

    • Lisa Stockdale

      you can say that again!!

  • Lisa Stockdale

    I have a big forehead with a high hairline. HELP!!!

  • Toto

    Thank you so much! Especially love the last one