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Fat or chubbiness is something which we modern girls and teenagers detest. Exercising, dieting, and countless other weight loss strategies…… God knows what all we do to shed those extra pounds to acquire the enviable figure which we dream of! Not only it’s a time-consuming process, but also practically impossible (in some cases)!

Want to know an instant slimming treatment? Actually, it’s not a treatment… walk into a salon with a full, plus-size face and walk out with an accentuated face. That’s the magic a perfect haircut and style can do to your personality and confidence level. Hairstyles are meant to bring out the best in your face. There are many hairstyles for fat faces or chubby faces to slim down the fat. Isn’t it perfect? Especially when it won’t cost you much time and money.

Best Hairstyles for Fat Faces (Round Faces)

Style 1: Hair parting

hair parting styles

A middle partition makes your face appear heavier around the cheek area. Experiment with different partition styles – side, zigzag or asymmetrical. These styles will take away the focus from your cheek area and bring attention to your forehead.

Style 2: Curly or wavy Hair

amanda seyfried and julianne moore

Straight hair is a strict no no. When you want to cut down the chubbiness of your cheeks, try creating soft waves. Hairstylist Blandi says, “Create a soft curve around your cheekbones and eyes. We have a tendency to look at the nose and eyes, so when you soften this part of the face, it becomes more attractive and appealing.” And it also takes away the attention from the heavy cheek region!

Style 3: Side Swept bangs

rachel mcadams morning glory premiere

Got big cheeks? Did you hear that trimming the hair to create bangs will help hide chubbiness? Well, it’s true… but wait before you jump the gun!  As appealing they might sound, they will do nothing to enhance your looks. Ask your stylist to give you a side swept bang! This is what brings the focus on the eyes and not on the cheeks.

The most important thing to remember when opting for bangs is not to get heavy bangs, but light wispy bangs. This will help add dimension to your face.

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Style 4: Half up-do

catherine zeta jones short hair

When you half up-do your hair, you pull back all the hair away from your face. This will reveal more facial fat than hiding it. But while tying your hair, you can’t leave your hair down as well. So to avoid showing off the problem area, pull out some strands of hair to frame your face and focus will once again shift to your eyes instead of the cheek.

Style 5: Layers

reddish brown hair color

Layer your hair with highlights to give the illusion of a slim face. Sleek and straight hair is a big disaster for chubby face. Layers add volume to your hair  while highlights add depth and dimension to your look. Adding side swept bangs will bring attention to your eyes, while diverting focus from the cheek area.

Style 6: Chic undo

classic updo hairstyles

If you have long hair, this hairstyle is the best to lengthen your face shape. Tie your hair in a high bun. This will definitely elongate your face instantly. This one of the best hairstyles for a fat face

Style 7: Short hair

shoulder length hairstyles

Yes, short hairstyles for fat face can be another best option for you. All short hairstyles won’t make your face appear fat. Some trials and errors and then once you get to know the perfect length; you’ll rock your hair like no one else. One of the best options is the shoulder length bob hairstyle, which ends just below the chin. Works well for most round and chubby faces!

Why wait any longer? Just pick one of the above-mentioned amazing hairstyles and hide the facial fat not only cleverly, but stylishly.

I hope this article on hairstyles for fat faces offers you the desired results. Stay cool, stay stylish!!!

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  • Tanuja

    Hi…! I am a little bit fat, and always had lengthy hair with bangs. Which I take up into a ponytail, cause I just cant take a position it down. It is very thin and its more reddish, I would like to try something new, simple, and that looks excellent on fat faces! PLEASE HELP ME! Thank You…!

  • Meena

    HI..! I have a very long hair , it has taken me a long time to get it but like everything else I got bored of it, I am now thinking of cut my hair to short but I’ve gained a bit of weight, the long hair isn’t doing anything for my chubby face, so I was wondering what styles would best suits me?

  • Kymberly

    Cut it off, take a chance, yolo, it will grow back.

  • Oindrila

    Nice one!

  • Bhumisha

    hey nice article.. i guess the first third and fifth hairstyles will help me tone down by chubiness.. :) good article.. its gonna be of real help to lot of chubby girls :)

  • Afreen

    Hey these hairstyles are nice.. but could you specifically share for curly hair? i am more on the chubby side.. and i have curly medium length hair.. could you suggest on my style in particular?

  • Shivani

    Nice post..My experience says that short hair on round face is a bad option.. my opinion though.. its btr to have hair length below the shoulders.. I really here liked the hair up and layers cut.. they are safe and good to sport.. :)

    • Michi

      It depends on the style, really. I have a very round, chubby face and ended up with a very short style due to miscommunication between my stylist, my mother, and I. I had to tweak the style a little, but it worked out nicely for me. Added layers and bangs to it.

  • Saara

    i really liked the layers and side swept bangs..all the hairstyles are cool to sport.. good post overall.. :)

  • lizzlicious

    What about hair style for afican woman

  • Taylor

    i appreciate the info, but it would be better if you used women that actually had to deal with this problem in the pictures.

  • guest1

    except for first 2, these are models with nice faces!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Roopa

    I like the first suggestion which is very practical and hope it helps me! The tips are good and interesting. As I have a round face, I will definitely try the side swept bangs.

  • yukta

    i have a curly wavy hair……its very long….m confused which cut shud i do…n m planning to straighten my hair…can u pls suggest me whats gud foir my hair….n ya i have a round face….i cant handle my hair…its very very thick and very long., cn u suggest me any thng pls…!!!

  • Juniper

    Misa. DUH. That’s what she just said.