Hair Styles

  • Luscious hair is a sign of beauty and a charismatic personality. Is it a wonder then that we are advised to handle our crowning glory with care? Not everyone is blessed with beautiful, straight, long hair. Most of us try
  • Asian women have been known for two things- their beautiful smooth skin and their beautiful silky hair. Starting from the ancient geisha culture till today, creating different and unique hair styles is something that is common among Asian women. Women
  •   “Wow! Just look at her beautiful long hair. I also want a nice haircut like hers but look at mine. They are so short and messed up.” Short haired women of the world, unite! Not everyone is fortunate enough
  • A woman, who plans her wedding, also plans how her bridesmaids will look like on her big day. It is necessary that the bridesmaid who walks down the aisle with the bride should also look presentable. But obviously not so
  • “I am sick and tired of my old and out of fashion hairstyle. I really want to try out something new and updated this time. But how is it possible? I still have short hair.” Well, this confusion before going
  • Everyone loves the perfect bob haircut. Whether it is long, short, layered or textured — there is always a beautiful bob hair cut that is meant for every face shape and hair type. To perfect the bob cut, it is
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