8 Amazing Health Benefits Of Babaco Fruit January 27, 2017

Are you a health-conscious fruit lover? Do you turn choosy with fruits when it comes to safeguarding your health? Do you want to eat the right fruits that are healthy, nutritional and yet exotic? Move over apples and papayas, the exotic Babaco fruit is here to offer more than just taste.

Read on to know more about this exotic fruit, packed with numerous health benefiting nutrients.

Babaco – The Papaya Relative:

Also called the Mountain Papaya, Babaco is closely related to the papaya family. This tropical fruit has a similar appearance and flavor as its lowland relative. One big difference with papaya is this fruit contains no seeds inside (1). A native of Ecuador, it is also known as champagne fruit because of its effervescent flavour. The torpedo-shaped fruit appears quite enticing with its bright yellow hue and aroma. When sliced horizontally, the slices have a star-shaped outline. The texture inside is golden and white. The fruit flesh is delicious and it tastes like a blend of banana, strawberry and pineapple.

How Babaco Can Be Used:

The natives of Ecuador and people in other regions prefer eating the ripened fruit in raw form. However, it can also be used to make several dishes. Babaco is also known to be used to make smoothies and salads. The fruit is also used as a nice meat tenderizer. The best part about the fruit is that the entire fruit is edible, including outer skin. Ripe fruits can last for a few weeks when stored as a whole. You can store it in the refrigerator. When the skin turns totally yellow from green, it is suitable for consumption.

Health Benefits Of Babaco:

The Babaco is a powerhouse of nutrients required by the human body. The fruit offers a substantial dose of daily nutrients which can help you combat ailments and boost immunity in general. This papaya relative has other health benefits such as:

1. Digestive Aid:

Alike Papaya, Babaco contains a substantial amount of Papain- an excellent digestive enzyme (2). The difference is that the amount of enzyme is much higher in Babaco than Papaya. So eating the fruit can actually boost up your digestion process.

2. Excellent Source Of Potassium:

The human body needs a daily intake of potassium, a key mineral. Potassium is required to neutralize the harmful effects of sodium. Babaco contains a useful amount of potassium. The potassium in Babaco keeps your body fit by balancing blood pressure levels.

3. Low In Sugar:

While eating fresh fruits is beneficial for health, you may end up consuming plenty of natural sugar present in fruits (3). Thankfully, Babaco is not as sweet as other fruits.

4. Low In Calories And Fat:

The fruit is low in fat and contains a good amount of carbohydrates. In a 100 gram serving of Babaco, you will consume only 21 calories.

5. Source Of Beta Carotene:

Babaco contains beta carotene and thus it attributes considerably to maintain a healthy and balanced eye sight. It is the presence of beta carotene that the fruit has a bright yellow color.

6. Source Of Vitamin C:

You can eat Babaco to get a healthy dose of Vitamin C (4). This water-soluble vitamin is required for keeping cells healthy, and it promotes faster healing. It also enhances the capacity of the human body to absorb iron from foods.

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7. Helps Keep Bones And Teeth Strong:

The calcium in Babaco helps make your teeth stronger. It also helps fight bone density loss.

8. Helps Weight Loss:

Babaco is also known as a natural nutritional weight loss supplement. Dieticians recommend eating fibre rich fruits to combat obesity. Babaco is rich in fibre which ensures you stay full for long and thus, suffer less from the hunger pangs. The fibre also promotes digestion in the human body.

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