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8 Amazing Health Benefits Of Camu Camu

8 Amazing Health Benefits Of Camu Camu October 31, 2017

Have you heard of camu camu? It is a health supplement that can answer most of your health woes. It has a number of benefits as well! If you are thinking of taking any health supplement, this is probably the one you should go for.

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Camu Camu – A Brief:

Native to the dense forests of Amazon, Camu Camu is a low growing shrub that produces red and light orange coloured fruits. This Camu Camu fruit is packed with potassium, iron, Vitamin C, protein, phosphorus, serine, thiamine, leucine and valine. The benefits offered by Camu Camu are plenty. They have therapeutic effects that fight stress and depression too.

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Following are the amazing health benefits of Camu Camu!

1. Vitamin C Benefits:

Camu Camu contains Vitamin C in abundance. The quantity is higher than that in regular oranges. One spoon of camu camu contains 12% of your daily intake of vitamin C. This improves your gum health and maintains other body functions (1). Other benefits of Vitamin C include boosting cardiovascular health, reduction of DNA damage and protection from cold and flu.

2. Fights Depression:

Even though camu camu is an excellent source of food for most insects and animals, it is also popular for some of its medicinal benefits for humans. Camu camu supplements help in fighting depression and anxiety (2). The supplement is a popular anti-depressant these days.

3. Fights Aging:

If you are beauty conscious, this should be good news for you. Camu camu contains antioxidants that protect your cells from aging (3). In short, you can keep yourself young and glowing with this fruit!

4. Ellagic Acid:

Camu camu also contains ellagic acid that proves beneficial in certain ways. According to a recent study, ellagic acid contains anti-diabetic effects that protect you from diabetes (4) and its several symptoms.

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5. Improves Overall Health:

Camu camu can take care of other ailments such as body fat and thyroid. It also helps in building bones and teeth, etc (5). This is because camu camu is rich in Vitamin C and several other beneficial nutrients.

6. Potassium Benefits:

Camu camu is rich in potassium that boosts cell formation, improves kidney function and heart health (6). It also encourages muscle activity and ensures nerve health.

7. Iron Benefits:

In order to fight fatigue, muscle weakness and anaemia, try iron filled fruit camu camu. It keeps your hair bright and coloured throughout the year. Also, iron improves your vision and keeps the body strong (7). However, it is important to take the right amount of iron. Overload of this can lead to arthritis, heart diseases and gland malfunctioning.

8. Protein Benefits:

Camu camu contains protein too that regulates blood pressure and repairs tissues and muscles (8). Lack of protein can make you feel lethargic. So, make sure you are eating enough protein on a regular basis.

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How Should You Take Camu Camu?

Camu camu berries are not something you can shop for at the supermarket. They are not available to us in their rawest form. And neither is it safe to consume them right away. The best way to take regular supplements of camu camu is in the form of tablets or powder. In fact, some popular ice creams in Peru use camu camu powder to add flavours.

When Should You Avoid Camu Camu?

If you are taking chemotherapy medications, it is best to avoid camu camu. Also, please make sure to speak to your doctor about it!

Have you heard of camu camu before? Were you aware of its several benefits? Let us know what you think by commenting in the box below.

Till then, stay healthy! Stay safe!

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