Summers are here and soon we will start seeing fresh and juicy mangoes in the market. Mangoes are loved by almost everyone, especially when they are sweet. I am sure your mouth is watering right now as you read these lines. Apart from being tasty, did you know that the mango also offers a number of health benefits?

But before we look at mango health benefits, one thing you must keep in mind is that, we are definitely not talking about readymade mango drinks here. We are talking about fresh mango fruits.

Mango Benefits For Skin:

Besides being extremely pleasing to your taste buds, mango is amazing for your skin as it is a great source of antioxidants, particularly vitamin C, which keep your skin healthy and glowing. It is often used in various face masks and scrubs. Its various skin benefits are as follows:

1. Mangoes For Glowing Skin:

Mangoes are great for your skin as they have the ability to reduce dark spots, blemishes and acne, thus imparting a natural glow to your skin. Vitamin A and Beta-carotene in this fruit restore, rejuvenate and revive your skin with vigor and add shine to your skin.

2. Treatment Of Blackheads:

This might appear a bit surprising but mangoes can be used to remove blackheads. For this purpose, prepare a scrub by mixing a teaspoon of mango pulp, half a teaspoon of milk or milk powder and honey. Rub it all over your face in circular motion. This will help in removing dead skin and blackheads, thus adding a glow to your face.

3. Anti-Ageing Benefits:

The antioxidants present in this fruit delay the onset of skin ageing and pigmentation. They also protect your skin against the harmful free radicals which can cause skin cancer. Vitamin C helps in curing pimples and acne. When applied directly, it smoothens out your skin and acts as a natural moisturizer

4. Improves Complexion:

Mangoes are packed with vitamin A which is a vital nutrient for maintaining a healthy skin and complexion as well as the integrity of the mucous membranes. Mango skin is a great de-tanning agent. You can rub your face and hands with the skin of a ripe or raw mango and apply some milk cream on it. Wash off with cold water after 10 to 15 minutes. Doing this at least twice or thrice a week will reduce tanning drastically. Regular consumption of mangoes provides you with a fair and smooth skin.

5. Treatment Of Dark Spots:

Mango skin is also beneficial in reducing dark spots. For this purpose, you can make a powder from the sun dried mango skin and mix it with a teaspoon of yogurt. Using this as a face pack will reduce dark spots, blemishes and add a golden glow to your complexion.

6. Treatment Of Acne:

Raw mango juice is an excellent astringent that can remove acne. You can boil a slice of a baby mango or raw mango in water and use this water on your face as an acne remover.

7. Great Cleanser:

To cleanse your skin, take a teaspoon of wheat flour and add mango pulp to it. This acts as a perfect cleanser by reaching your pores and cleaning them from deep within.

8. Homemade Face Wash:

You can prepare a home-made face wash by mixing one teaspoon each of mango pulp and powdered almond. Add a tablespoon of milk to this mix and grind it into a paste. This face wash can be applied on all skin types and washed after 20 minutes.

9. Exfoliates Your Skin:

You can prepare an exfoliating mask by blending ¼ of a peeled mango, 2 spoons of whole milk, powdered almonds and crushed oats in a blender. Apply this on your face and neck for 20 minutes and rinse in lukewarm water.

10. Good For Sensitive Skin:

If you have sensitive skin, you can make a face pack by mixing mango pulp, oatmeal, milk and honey. Wash your face with cold water. Pat dry and apply this paste on your skin. Wash off with cold water after 15 minutes.

Mango Benefits For Hair:

Mangoes are rich in vitamins and minerals that nourish your hair and promote hair growth. Mango for hair is beneficial in the following ways:

11. Great Conditioner:

Mango can be used in preparing a home-made conditioner. For this purpose, mix mango pulp with a spoonful of yogurt and two egg yellows. Apply this on your hair and leave for 30 minutes. This will condition your hair by making them soft and manageable.

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12. Treatment Of Dandruff:

Mango contains vitamin A which helps in fighting dandruff and adding shine to your hair. It is often used as an ingredient in hair moisturizers. Mangoes contain vitamin E which improves scalp circulation and encourages hair growth.


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