Know Your Nails

Nails are formed largely from keratin, which is a protein found in the skin and the hair. Beneath the matrix–the half-moon area below the cuticle on each finger and toe–new skin cells are constantly being formed. The newly-formed skin cells push the older cells forward, where they harden and form a nail. And well who doesn’t want those long lovely nails??

You spend ample amount of time shaping, trimming and painting your nails, but have you ever noticed them clearly?  You probably give damn care for them that means you will miss the stripes, odd colours and spots which actually indicate that something is bad on the way to the body.

Know About Your Nails

Before getting into such a situation, you can help your nails stay healthy from the beginning. All you wanted to do is to take proper care of the nails as well as cuticles. But, how to get healthy nails and cuticles? Don’t waver. Read these simple tips to keep fingernails, toenails and your cuticles healthy.

How to Get Healthy Cuticles Nails?

Nail Care Tips

Nails look great if proper care is taken. A healthy nail is uniform in color and smooth, with no evidence of ridges or grooves. Vertical ridges running from the cuticle to the nail tip become more common with age and are not a cause for concern. There are a number of things you can do to preserve your nails’ health and good looks. Don’t risk nail damage by using your fingernails as tools. Keep your nails clean and dry to prevent bacteria build-up, and trim and file your nails regularly. Good Housekeeping recommends the use of rubber gloves when performing household tasks, as water, detergents and harsh household chemicals all rob your nails of moisture, which weakens them. Apply a rich moisturizer to hands and nails after washing them.

Cuticle Care Tips

Your cuticle is a living tissue and should be treated with care. Pulling off or biting hangnails puts you at risk for infection. Carefully clip hangnails instead. If you get manicures, make sure the nail technician uses properly sanitized equipment, and don’t allow your cuticles to be clipped to avoid infection. Use of a cuticle oil helps keep the nail bed and cuticle skin moisturized.

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One of the best things you can do for toenail health is to wear properly fitting shoes, according to the Mayo Clinic. Shoes that pinch or place pressure on your toes can cause ingrown nails, where the nail grows into surrounding tissue.Trim toenails regularly with a sharp nail clippers, cutting them straight across and rounding them slightly at the sides, to minimize the possibility of damaging the nails. If your toenails are particularly thick, you can soften them prior to cutting by soaking them in warm salty water for 5 to 10 minutes, then applying a lactic acid cream.

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Healthy Nails speak of how you take care of them!! Follow these simple healthy cuticles nails tips for healthy looking cuticles and nails. To maintain your healthy nails overtime, consult your physician to have a look at them during your any of the visits.

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