Height Increasing Insoles – Everything You Need To Know Health And Wellness July 31, 2015

There are many tricks that people employ to look tall. Ask them their secret – some will say it’s the exercise, while others may say diet. Some want to reap the benefits without breaking a sweat! You don’t want to work hard, but still want the height gain? It may sound like a fairy tale but it is possible.

Height increasing insoles are the simplest and one of the most fool proof tricks to look taller by a few inches. There are hundreds of options in height increasing insoles available in the market. However, several questions come to our mind when we have to use products like these.

Height Increasing Insoles – Know Them Better!

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions:

1. Do height increasing insoles really increase our height?

Many products claim that they can increase your height by 2.5 to 3 inches. They also say that it is instant. However, always read the fine print. They do increase your height instantly but they do it secretly. They are hidden in your shoes and you look taller. Once you remove your shoes, you will be of the same height that you were before.

2. How do these height increasing shoe insoles work?

You need to place the insoles inside the shoes before you wear them. They fit into your shoes and do not show. However when you stand up you will find yourself a couple of inches taller. For example women wear high heeled shoes to look taller. Think of the insoles as a high heel inside your shoes!

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3. Do Insoles help gain height gradually?

This is the million dollar question that is frequently asked. Nobody wants to look tall artificially. Eventually we all want natural height growth. What if your insoles actually stimulated vertical growth?

Like we said, there are different kinds of height increase insoles in the market. If you desire to look tall and do not really crave to actually be taller, then simply pick up normal insoles that will boost your height by a few inches.

If you have set your mind on actually getting taller, there are insoles which function on acupressure concepts. When you wear these insoles and walk or run, the tiny acupressure points in the insoles work on your feet. A human foot has several nerve endings. The acupressure points stimulate these nerve endings and improve blood circulation to the entire body upwards. It also works against gravity by increasing the blood flow upwards. After consistent use of these insoles for a few months, you will really be an inch taller!

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4. How are these insoles made?

The insoles are made of soft and comfortable material. Many people who use them say that they don’t feel as if they are wearing them. They use a special kind of foam to keep your feet comfortable. They are also moisture-free and lightweight. It can be used for a long time without damage. Some even say that you can make your own height insoles!

5. Can these insoles be used with any kind of shoes?

Yes, these insoles for height can be used with any kind of footwear. They are not visible to another person’s eye and are directly hidden inside your footwear. They fit your feet exactly in its size. So even if you use different shoes, you can place the insoles in before wearing them. So, just one pair of them is always enough to wear with all your shoes.

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6. Can I use these insoles while exercising?

These are multipurpose height insoles for women and can be worn at any time of the day -while running, walking, jogging, gymming and doing any activity. In fact they will also promote your natural height growth while exercising.

Using height increasing insoles is usually safe. They do not harm the skin or cause any side effects. There is no easier way to look taller than these insoles. Go grab a pair for yourself today!

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