Top 10 Highlighters Available In India July 27, 2016

Makeup features different kinds of products to enhance one’s beauty and ‘Highlighters’ is one such product that is used to ‘highlight’ your cheekbones, nose, chin, and eyebrow bones.

As the name suggests, highlighters are known to give emphasis to your facial features adding more sharpness, thus making you look really beautiful. It is very similar to the blushes you use to enhance your cheekbones that adding oomph to your lively face.

Highlighter makeup tricks are basically meant to offer a shimmery look to your features along with sheen and glamor. Often there are situations where people use eyeshadows in place of highlighters to give that perfect shimmery effect to the desired areas. Although it is a good trick, it doesn’t really give the desired results. In fact, if you want to know the exact results, test the two types on the different sides of your facial skin. Highlighter does justice to the look.

Different Types of Highlighter Makeup Products

Let us now understand the different types of highlighters available in the market:

1. Mineral Highlighter

This is a soft powder based makeup highlighter, which is neither frosted nor is too shimmery. It is useful for women who already have red cheeks, so that they can just use a bit of highlighter to gain that glamorous look.

MAC Amber Glow Mineralize Blush is the best available mineral highlighter in the market. The only drawback is that it is not very long lasting.

Users have experienced that it lasts not more than 6 hours without losing the sheen. However, by the 7th hour- it’s gone. But if you are wearing it for an evening party, then MAC Amber Glow Mineralize Blush is the product for you.



2. Powder/ Matt-effect Highlighter

Powder or Matt-effect highlighter comes in a powder format, with shimmery and sheen finish using minute granules.

It has been developed to offer a perfect matt-effect on your skin providing you with perfectly highlighted features.

Some of the best in this range are

• Lancôme Moonlight Rose Illuminating Powder
• MAC Silver Dusk Iridescent Powder
• Milani Gold Dust


3. Stick or Cream Highlighter

As the name suggests, this kind of highlighter is in the cream form or stick form. The best product under this category is from Benefit cosmetics called ‘Watts Up’. It comes in Champagne shade and is not so glittery. It is a soft-focus highlighter with the cream-to-powder finish.


4. Liquid Highlighter

Liquid Highlighter is in most cases confused with cream highlighters, but, in reality, cream highlighters are much thicker in comparison to the liquid ones. Application of this kind is also quite different from the others.

Liquid highlighters are usually mixed with the moisturizer, foundation or a blush and then applied. However, for direct application, it is applied after the application of foundation.

This kind of highlighter is known to provide a subtle glow to the face, while perfectly highlighting the facial features.

Up-Lighting Liquid Illuminator from Clinique is one the best products which falls under this category. It is long lasting and comes in natural shades, which are suitable for women of all ages.

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Now that you know the different types of highlighters, we have listed the top 10 highlighter makeup products available in India today. Read on and then take your pick!

In fact, there are various types of highlighters available in the market. The most widely used are the mineral highlighters, matte/powder highlighters, stick/cream highlighters and liquid highlighter. So, the question is not ‘if’ there is a highlighter for your skin tone. The question is which one you should buy!

1. Lakme Absolute Moon-Lit Highlighter:


Buy Lakme Absolute Moon-Lit Highlighter For ₹ 2,715.00 @

Currently, the Lakme Absolute Moon-Lit Highlighter is in demand. From the Lakme Absolute range, this dermatologically-tested highlighter is enriched with Vitamin E. Since it provides tanned shades with a little shimmer too, this is best suited for Indian skin tones. It provides you a sun-kissed bronze glow with a luminous finishing. You can apply it in the morning when you are decking up for your office meeting as well as while you dress up to attend the New Year party at night. It provides you the much-wanted glow in broad daylight as well as a smoky shimmering look at night. And yes, it comes in a handy size too.

2. Lakme Gold Dust Shimmer Bronzer:


If you want to try something bold, go ahead with the Lakme Gold Dust Shimmer Bronzer. Since this bronzer comes in three shades of gold, it will complement all skin types. With absolutely long-lasting power, this bronzer is perfect for a bold gold touch up. It is the perfect highlighter for evening parties.

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3. Revlon Skinlights Face Illuminator Loose Powder:


Buy Revlon Skinlights Face Illuminator Loose Powder For ₹ 19,687.95 @

Giving stiff competition to Lakme is Revlon with two of its illuminators. The Revlon Skinlights Face Illuminator Loose Powder is a hot favorite among most Indian women. It is a translucent, oil- free skin lightener and gives you an elegant silky radiance. It is also rich in minerals, which instantly brighten up your skin, soften down all flaws, pump up your radiance and nourish your skin as well! Also the Vitamin C and Vitamin E present in its composition help improve your skin tone. This powder illuminator is available in five shades- natural light, bare light, warm light, golden light and the bronze light. These shades are suitable for the Indian skin. It is also accompanied with a sweet fragrance you are sure to love. It works best for oily skin, though its fine grain shimmers make it perfect for all skin types. This shiny, silky smooth illuminating powder can be used both for formal makeup as well as for any party touch up.

4. Revlon Skinlights (Liquid Illuminator):


Buy Revlon Skinlights (Liquid Illuminator) For ₹ 934.00 @ illuminator)

This product comes in a sleek tube and has SPF 15 to keep you safe from sun’s harmful UV rays. Due to its dewy-cum-shiny effect, it can both be used during the daytime as well as at night. It is a light liquid but not oily at all. With a mild fragrance, it surely shall give you a good time by illuminating your face.

5. Colorescence Shimmer Highlighter:


Buy Colorescence Shimmer Highlighter For ₹ 375.00 @

Also doing the rounds among women is the Colorescence Shimmer Highlighter. This shimmer highlighter comes in powder form and is available in three shades- silver, golden and bronze. Due to its shimmery effect you may try it on and look gorgeous at your sister’s wedding!

6. Chanel Éclat Lumiere Highlighting Face Pen:


Buy Chanel Éclat Lumiere Highlighting Face Pen For ₹ 4,418.00 @

Here’s another great choice! It has a beautiful and light texture. It comes in a number of pretty shades and you can choose the one that suits your skin type best. It is a creamy highlighter, glides on easily and yes, never clogs your pores. It lends you a natural look along with illuminating your face.

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7. Benefit Watt’s Up Highlighter:


Buy Benefit Watt’s Up Highlighter For ₹ 3,991.16 @’s-up-highlighter

This one comes with a cream-to-powder finish with an exotic champagne color, perfect for all skin tones. Unlike other highlighters, it is not shimmery, but has a shine which shall give your face a radiant glow. So it can be used both in the day as well at night for various occasions.

8. Street Wear Crystal Shine Skin Brightener:


Quite common among young girls is the Street Wear Crystal Shine Skin Brightener. It comes in a mauve-pinkish colored tube with a pump top. It imparts a shiny touch to the facial lines. It is not very dry like the shimmer highlighters and not also very oily like other liquid highlighters, hence you comfortably soak into it. It gives a fresh look to your face, not to mention the enchanting fragrance it comes with.

9. Colorbar Radiant Glow Face Illuminator Pen:


Buy Colorbar Radiant Glow Face Illuminator Pen For ₹ 525.00 @

As the name suggests, this illuminator comes in the form of a pointed pen with a soft bristle as its nib such that it could be applied directly on the face. When tapped gently, the fluid is released. Yes this is a liquid illuminator but in no way behind any other shimmer or stick illuminators. It imparts a gentle, natural sheen to your face and blends easily with all skin colors. It is also not very oily and doesn’t create dry patches on the face.

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10. Clinique Up – Lighting Liquid Illuminator:


Buy Clinique Up – Lighting Liquid Illuminator For ₹ 8,602.80 @


From Clinique’s beauty range, one of their most wonderful products is the Clinique Up-lighting liquid Illuminator. It comes in three shades- bronze, natural, and blush. Perfect for brides, it makes the skin look naturally dewy and healthy. It is sheer, shiny, light liquid but is oil-free. It imparts a natural luminosity to your look. Due to its fine grained gold shimmers, it also adds light-bling touch to your do. It also blends into the skin easily due to its watery form.

So, if you are searching for that perfect highlighter, I am sure you now know where to start! With these amazing products, your skin can now look like a million dollars.

Do you use highlighters? Which is your favorite brand? Share with us in the comments section.

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