10 Effective Home Remedies For Pinworms January 6, 2016

Does your little one have a case of pinworms? Are you looking for a natural way to cure them? You are in luck as there are quite a number of effective natural remedies for this contagious infection.

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Pinworms – An Overview

Pinworms are parasites that infect the intestines and are most commonly found in children (1). Immediate treatment is required for this infection as irreparable damage can be caused to the internal organs of a child. Worry not, for pinworms can be easily treated with the ingredients on your kitchen rack.

Following are the wonderful home remedies for pinworms.

1. Vinegar

Since it is highly acidic in nature, vinegar is very effective in killing the parasites that cause this uncomfortable infection. Wash your child’s private parts with a vinegar solution. All you need to do is mix 1 cup of vinegar with 3 cups of water and wash your little one thoroughly with the vinegar-treated water and anti-bacterial soap. Do this with every visit to the bathroom. However, remember never to use undiluted vinegar as it will cause burns.

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2. Garlic

With its potent antibacterial and antifungal properties (2), garlic is a great natural treatment for pinworms. Take 3 or 4 cloves of garlic and peel them. Crush them lightly and apply onto your little one’s private parts. Leave the paste on for a couple of hours and then wash it off thoroughly with warm water. Do this 3 times every day to eliminate the parasites fast.

You should also include garlic in your child’s diet so that the pinworms are removed from the intestinal tract. You can also try giving your child one crushed garlic clove mixed with a teaspoon of honey.

3. Castor And Coconut Oils

The combination of castor oil and coconut oil is a well-known home remedy for pinworms. It works most effectively when consumed. However, trying to get children to take in this mixture will be challenging – so use coconut oil to cook with instead. To make use of castor oil, mix 1 teaspoon each of warm castor oil and coconut oil. Apply it in and around your little one’s private parts. This will provide relief from itching and reduce redness and inflammation caused by scratching. Use this treatment 3 times daily to give your child relief and help them sleep better.

4. Vaseline And Castor Oil

The strong chemicals that Vaseline contains are highly effective in arresting pinworm growth. Mix it with warm castor oil to dilute its potent chemicals. Apply this mixture evenly on the skin of your child’s private parts. Leave it on for 30 minutes and then wash it off with antibacterial soap and warm water. Do this at least 3 times every day to quicken the healing process.

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5. Hot Water

Before you wash them, soak your child’s undergarments and clothes in very hot water for a minimum of 30 minutes (3). When you wash the clothes, use a strong detergent to make sure that the parasites are killed. Do the same for bed linens and the clothes of everyone else at home as well.

6. Cabbages And Carrots

These healthy veggies not only have essential nutrients that are important for health, but also contain high amounts of sulfur compounds, which work effectively in the removal of pinworms. Add them to your daily diet to treat this infection. You should also give your little one grated cabbages and carrots every morning until the pinworms are totally eliminated.

7. Pumpkin Seeds

This may be the last thing on your mind when it comes to remedies for pinworms, but it is highly effective. Eating pumpkin seeds every morning with a glass of water works very well. You can also make a paste by crushing and mixing them with water. Heat the paste without boiling it. Once it is heated, set it aside to cool and remove any excess oil. Taking a tablespoon of this paste every morning will work wonders in curing the infection caused by pinworms.

8. Apple Cider Vinegar

Normal vinegar works excellently as a natural remedy for pinworms when used as a wash. Apple cider vinegar works when taken internally. This type of vinegar is well-known as a great home remedy for many health conditions (4). Drinking a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water helps in lowering the pH levels of the intestines. When this happens, it creates an environment in which pinworms can’t survive, thereby arresting their growth.

9. Wormwood Tea

This is known to be one of the safest remedies for the treatment of pinworms (5). It contains a potent chemical that effectively kills worms. Thujone, isothujone, and santonine are active compounds found in wormwood that kill pinworms as well as other parasitic organisms. The cell membranes of the worms are weakened, thereby gradually eliminating them. All you need to do is add a few grams of wormwood to 1 cup of hot water and give it to your little one to drink every morning on an empty stomach. Let your child drink this tea every 3 hours to make sure that the treatment’s effectiveness is improved.

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10. Grapefruit Seed Extract

This is another effective natural remedy for pinworms. Grapefruit seed extract is available in a large number of drugstores and is usually found in a liquid or pill form (6). If you are using it in the form of pills, give your little one a pill 3 times daily. If you are using the liquid, add 10 drops to a glass of water and mix well. Let your child drink this mixture 3 times a day to cure the infection.

Apart from these pinworms home remedies, make sure that your entire family practices good personal hygiene to prevent the infection’s spread. Use antibacterial soap and make sure that everyone washes their hands frequently. If there is no improvement after a week of using these remedies, consult a doctor immediately.

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