Top 10 Home Remedies To Cure Hair Fungus June 27, 2016

Any part of the human body can be the comfortable breeding ground of fungus, for example, the scalp, feet, skin etc. Ringworm is a very common fungus which affects the scalp along with the hair. Thus, daily washing and gentle drying of the hair are basic requirements for hair health. It is mandatory for us to take proper care of the hair and scalp by keeping them neat and clean. We should never go out with wet hair to avoid being affected by hair fungus. Symptoms of hair fungus include severe itching even after washing the scalp regularly.

Now, here is a brief idea on how one can easily use home remedies for fungal infection in hair.

Top 10 Home Remedies For Hair Fungus

1. Applying Castor Oil

One can treat and reduce hair fungus by applying castor oil all over the infected area. It needs to be applied on a regular basis as treatments of this kind are not at all quick fixes. While applying the oil, directly touching the infected area with the hands needs to be avoided. Cotton balls or latex gloves can be used for this purpose. Though the oil should be applied on the fungus affected area yet while taking a shower, all the strands must be washed properly with cold water and the oil must be rinsed off neatly. The next step is to blow dry the hair as we are already aware of the fact that fungus grows rapidly in wet surroundings and can also be contagious at the same time.

2. Using Anti-Fungal Shampoos

If a person is suffering from the hair fungus problem, it is necessary to select a shampoo which has anti-fungal ingredients. The common anti-fungal ingredients are selenium sulphide, zinc pyrithione etc. Scalp fungus can be sewn off by using these effective ingredients. Deeply massage the hair strands and also the affected area after applying this shampoo. Penetration of the ingredients into the hair roots and scalp is beneficial; hence, one must leave it for five to six minutes after application. After rinsing it off, one must reapply it for quick relief. This shampoo should be applied regularly until and unless the infection is cured.

3. Drinking Natural Juice

Nutrients like vitamins possess the potential to fight against fungus. Therefore, a large amount of natural fruit juice, consisting of vitamins, is a part of the hair fungus treatment. Homemade juices prepared from carrots, cucumbers and aloe vera is also a positive choice. If natural juice is not available, one can also opt for consuming supplements such as folic acid, B complex, vitamin E etc.

4. Select Shampoos And Oils Containing Margosa

Herbal treatments are still preferred by many in this super-developed century. The margosa herb possesses anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. Getting rid of hair fungus will be easy if one uses hair oils, conditioners, and shampoos containing extracts of this herb.

5. Use Homemade Margosa Mixture

If it is possible for a person to collect the margosa herb, then one can boil a handful of this herb after washing it properly. After boiling the mixture, it must be allowed to cool down before applying on the head. The scalp needs to be gently massaged after application of the margosa mixture. Rinsing should be done after leaving this herbal mixture for a few minutes. This herbal remedy should be followed once daily and can be ceased once the fungus gets cleared up.

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6. Application Of Tea Tree Oil And Other Ingredients

Tea tree oil along with extracts of grape and black walnut is one of the best remedies to treat hair fungus. A mixture of these ingredients together should be applied to the scalp daily and allowed to remain at least for a minimum of eight hours. The hair strands must not be disturbed once the mixture is applied. Rinse out the mixture with lukewarm water. Daily usage of this herbal remedy for a few weeks will gradually decrease the swelling and itching caused by the fungus.

7. Apply The Juice Of Fig Leaves

Collect some fig leaves from the nearby market and wash them under clean water. Bring out the juice by grinding those leaves. Only the juice should be applied over the affected area. This home based remedy also reduces hair fungus infections.

8. Application Of Vinegar

Take two full cups of vinegar and boil first. Before applying, let it cool. Now, mix the cooled vinegar with water but the measurement should be 1:8 respectively. Rinse the entire hair with this mixture before applying shampoo or conditioner.

9. Maintain Personal Hygiene

The person infected by hair fungus must be careful in the maintenance of personal hygiene. One must not share pillows, pillow covers, hair combs, brushes, towels etc, with others and also must not use these by borrowing from others.

10. Control Scratching

One must be aware of the fact that scratching the infected area increases the infection instead of reducing it. Thus, one must be cautious enough not to scratch the affected area even if it itches a lot.

Expert’s Answers for Readers Questions:

Should I completely shave my head to get rid of dandruff? Will it help fight against fungus problem?

In dire circumstances, you might consider shaving your head to get rid of dandruff and related infections. While this may seem like a convenient solution, it is not compulsory. Using the right anti-dandruff and antifungal products can be enough to get rid of the problem.

My hair smells when wet. Is this a fungus?

The skin on your scalp is full of sweat glands and oil glands. These secrete sweat and oil, which are absorbed by the hair. Now, the hair can easily pick up strong odors and pollutants from the environment. As a result of this, your hair smells when it becomes wet. Regular washing can help you eliminate this odor easily.

Is homeopathic treatment adequate for scalp fungal infection?

If you prefer natural remedies over allopathy, homeopathy has effective solutions for hair fungus. It treats the problem topically and internally, and without any side effects. Please consult a certified homeopathic doctor if you decide to opt for this method of treatment.

Hair fungus is more common in children than adults. Maintenance of proper personal hygiene along with keeping the entire body clean and dry can aid the reduction of this infection.

Hope this information on home remedies for fungus in hair proves to be helpful! Do leave us a comment.

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