How Does Papaya Help In Weight Loss? April 13, 2015

‘I wish I was not so fat then I would have taken part in the fashion show’, ‘I am unable to put on my last year’s jeans because of the unwanted stomach bulge’. Almost the entire world is running after slim and healthy figure. Slim fit wears is the trendiest style statement of today’s world. A person who wishes to lose weight tries to maintain a diet. This is because a balanced diet leads to good health. But, a maximum number of people go through this confusion that which vegetables and fruits should be included in their diet.

It is quiet shocking but is hundred percent true that there is a strong relationship between melting of excessive fat and papaya. It is a nutritious fruit and is also responsible for the proper metabolic functioning of the human body. It contains Vitamin A as well as C which helps the body to fight with diseases and therefore, it is basically a protective food. In spite of its nutritive power, papaya also possesses the power of shedding pounds of extra fat from our body.

Papaya For Weight Loss

Papaya is well known for its low fat, cholesterol free and low calorie nature. Based on this fact, papaya has been proven to be an ideal fruit that can be added in a diet. Many of you might be still wondering that what has papaya to do with weight loss. One should keep in mind that the best way to shed weight is by burning larger amount of calories. This is an all rounder fruit as it contains vitamins, iron, calcium, riboflavin and also few enzymes. This fruit is filled up with lots of nutritional values. Thus, the main role of papaya is that it helps in the perfect functioning of the digestive system.

The benefit of papaya for weight loss is that it is a strong as it deals many digestive problems such as constipation, rotting waste and many more. Proper excretion of wastes helps to keep the body fit and fine. When a person’s digestive system and excretory system functions properly then it becomes really easy to shed the extra unwanted weight. As this fat burning fruit helps in the proper disposal of wastes, it therefore protects the skin and makes it smoother. And that is how papaya benefits weight loss.

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How to Consume Papaya

  • Papaya can be eaten raw. You just need to slice it into small cubes. It is recommended to consume papaya along with some other food as it works best when taken with fat.
  • Your breakfast can become more delicious and at the same time nutritious if you prepare a papaya smoothie. Preparation of the smoothie is very easy and time saving. Just mix the mashed papaya with milk, yogurt or juice. You can also add your favorite fruit to it. If you wish to thicken the smoothie then you can add a banana to it.
  • You may try out something new by preparing a fruit salad based on ripe papaya. Cut cubes of papaya and other preferred fruits of your choice along with some powdered spices.

Additional Benefits of Papaya

As papaya is also a rich source of potassium and fiber, the cardiovascular system is protected by these nutrients. It even plays a key role in protecting a person from colon cancer and also cervical cancer. Its pepsin content also helps in proper digestion. One more striking fact about this anti- oxidant fruit is that its seeds can cure stomach pain as well as few fungal infections. Papaya is helpful in the treatment of skin diseases.

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  • gaj

    The advice are fine except that ” You can also add your favorite fruit to it. If you wish to thicken the smoothie then you can add a banana to it.”…..

    I know banana is the full of calorie similar to Mango…..but now you are advising to add banana to papaya….it does not make sense or it make me doubtful about the whole story of papaya……