Foundations are of different types and different textures. The use of a particular type of foundation depends on many things like the occasion, the skin type, the level of coverage required and many other things. But depending on skin type, it is recommended that Women with dry skinned should opt for liquid foundations and cream foundations. Here we describe on how to apply foundation cream on face.

How to apply foundation cream

What you will need:

  1. Cream foundation
  2. Makeup sponge

Step 1:

First of all, we need a clean base for our makeup. A clean and healthy skin makes any makeup look good and to achieve a healthy skin, always follow the cleansing toning moisturizing routine vigorously. Before applying the cream foundation, always follow the CTM routine and then pat your skin dry; Better leave it to dry naturally.

Step 2:

Apply primer if you have very oily skin or just need your makeup to stay longer. For those who want their makeup to last through the day, this is a must. A primer will make the base smooth for makeup application and will help the foundation to cling on to the skin better

Step 3:

cream foundation

Cream foundation is best applied with a damp makeup sponge so first dampen the sponge a bit. Now take the needed amount of foundation on your makeup sponge. If you have a triangle or square sponge, take the foundation on the edge of the sponge. Take small amounts each time so that you do not over apply.

Step 4:

best way to apply cream foundation

First start off with the jaw line area and near the ears, use downward motions to apply it. Apply on both sides. Follow up with applying on the foreheads, the nose area , the chin and the neck area.

Step 5:

After applying the foundation, blend it in nicely on all over the face. Take special attention on the jaw line and hair line so that any harsh lines can be avoided.

Step 6:

tips for applying cream foundation 2

Use your finger tips to gently dab all over the face. This helps to blend the makeup more with the help of the heat form the fingers.

Step 7:

tips for applying cream foundation 3

Apply a layer of loose powder or translucent powder to finish the look and you will have matte perfect skin.

Some choices for foundation cream for face:

  1. Lakme absolute matte real skin natural foundation: This foundation is affordable, gives great coverage and comes in skin tones similar to Indian women. The foundation is light and gives medium to high coverage and can last all day. But some may find their skin to react and incur pimples.
  2. Inglot amc cream foundation: It comes in a pump up bottle. It gives a creamy finish and is available is many shades matching Indian skin tones.
  3. Maybelline dream matte mousse foundation: An affordable mousse foundation. It gives medium coverage.
  4. Lakme 9-5 cream based foundation compact: This is a cream compact. It is not a cream foundation but if one applies it with a wet sponge, then it gives the coverage of a cream foundation
  5. Mac mineralize spf 15 foundation: This foundation gives great coverage and those who want a good foundation which will photograph well and give you great coverage, then do consider this.

Hope this answers all your questions on how to use foundation cream on face. Do leave us a comment.

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