How to Apply Kajal Perfectly?

how to apply kajal Kajal is a woman’s best friend, especially because it beautifies the eyes instantly, while lighting up the face. Besides being a cosmetic product, you should know that it has some medical properties, which help in preventing eye ailments.

Application in different countries:

India and Pakistan of the few Asian countries and few Arab countries are quite well known to wear kajal. Its not only women in these sections of society that wear kajal, there are a lot of men who wear kajal to protect the eyes.
There are a lot of religious reasons also known in these countries that favors individuals to wear kajal.

Link to Traditional wear:

Kajal, or in the local language known as surma, is said to brighten the overall look of your dressing!!! We Indians are known to be a large group of kajal users as it goes more with traditional wear.


  • It is very important to keep your eyes free of dark circles when applying kajal, especially because the dark black hue will make your eyes look more dark in a larger area, thus making your skin tone darker and dull.
  • It is very important to use the right brand of kajal as the market offers a wide variety local to high quality kajal.
  • It is offered in pencil, powder, liquid and gel format!!! So you can choose your preference and seek the beauty and medical benefits!

Steps to Apply Kajal:

Here are few of the basic steps that will help you to apply kajal properly:

how to apply kajal 1

  • Clean the eye area including the eyelashes with a mild cleanser and water. For all those who have a dry skin, moisturize the eye area well, and dab some looser powder to avoid the oiliness.
  • Gently pull down the lower eyelid so that the inner lid line or waterline is exposed.
  • how to apply kajal 2 Use a kajal pencil that is not too sharp and start lining from the inner corner of the eye up to the outer end.

how to apply kajal 3

  • If you are not having a steady hand, take some kajal on your fingertip and drag it smoothly along the waterline. However, make sure that your hands are washed properly, as there are possible chances of infection.

how to apply kajal 4

  • If you want a soft smokey effect, you can apply a thick kajal line on the lower rim and smudge off the line with an eye shadow brush or smudger.

    how to apply kajal 5

  • For the upper eyelid, close the eye and line the upper lid smoothly, starting from the inner corner up to the outer corner of the eye, gradually increasing thickness.

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how to apply kajal 6

For weddings you can deck your eyes up a little more by playing with different color pencils, eyeshadows and false eyelashes. You also could boost eye lash volume by applying a generous amount of mascara, which inturn will give you more of the ‘desi’ look.

This will also help you brighten and lighten up your eyes, and possibly giving an option to make your small eyes appear bigger.

Kajal gets you a sexy mysterious look, be it daytime or evening, do not forget to apply kajal always on your eyes, and look gorgeous!

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