Luscious full lips are what every woman desires but not many are born with it!Thin lips on the other hand is what most of us have.And they make you conscious and can also make you look old at times!!! But do not be disheartened because there are a lot of simple ways to make your thin lips look fuller.

Lip makeup for thin lips:

There are a few things you have to take care of before trying these tips to achieve the best possible look!!!

  1. Make sure that you keep your lips healthy.
  2. Keep it free of dryness by moisturizing and hydrating it daily.
  3. Using a soft bristle brush exfoliate every two three days to keep dead cells away. This would reduce the risk of you having chapped lips.


  1. Use a soft bristle dry brush or a warm wet cloth to gently rub the lips to remove those dead cells.
  2. Use lots of Vaseline on your lips before you go to bed.

how to apply lipstick on thin lips

Read below to get the basic steps for fuller looking lips.

Things you need:

  • Lipstick
  • Lliner of same color.

Tip: Use lipsticks in neutral, coral or tones which are less bright and resist using bright red as these shades make your lips look thinner.

lipsticks in neutral

Stepwise Tutorial:

Step 1:

After exfoliating your lips, apply some foundation over the lips. Dab over some liquid foundation on the lips and let it dry for half a minute. After this you may also apply some face powder over it. This will help you strengthen the base to set up perfect lip liner and lipstick.

perfect lip liner and lipstick

liquid foundation

Step 2:

how to apply lipstick on thin lips 2

Using a lip liner start the lining from the cupids arrows (v shape) in your upper lips. When lining the upper lip, extend the liner a little bit outside the natural lip line. Use a well sharpened lip liner pencil to draw from the ‘v’ shape to both the corners of the mouth.

Step 3:

Now after you line the upper lips, start with the bottom lip. Begin from the middle and keep the liner inside the natural lip line. Then go towards the outer corner. Use short strokes to draw and follow the same technique to line the other side of the lips too.

Step 4:

how to apply lipstick on thin lips 4

Fill in the lips with the lip liner.

Note: Using a lip liner to fill in the lips before lipstick application will make the lipstick stay longer.

Step 5:

how to apply lipstick on thin lips 5

The best way to apply a thin lips lipstick is using a lip brush. It will help evenly apply the lipstick. So start first from the center of the upper lips and then brush outwards. Also, using a frosted shade on the upper lip will make the lips look fuller. This is one of the best lipstick shades for thin lips.

Like you did on the upper lip, follow the same for the bottom lips. Start with the middle and go outwards with the lip brush.

Step 6:

how to apply lipstick on thin lips 6

Take a soft tissue paper and blot out the excess lipstick. After doing so, check the in mirror for the desired intensity. Then apply another layer if you require a more intense color. Reapplying a new layer of lipstick with lip brush will help the lipstick stay longer without fading.

The Final Look:

lipstick tips for thin lips

thin lips lipstick

I hope this guide will help you achieve best lips with a natural pout.

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