How many times have we seen a perfectly good look ruined by an unsuitable lipstick shade choice?

Even after you apply the right shade you may not end up with the best results.Many a times we think we are applying Lipstick the right way but, surprisingly it’s not true. With amateurish application we often find our lipsticks

  • Smearing,
  • Caking
  • Flaking off or even vanishing completely

When I went for my first professional party, my lipstick vanished after 15 minutes of eating snacks.I was alerted by my coworker and I spent the entire evening touching up my lipstick.

To get that perfect pro look,let’s look at applying lipstick properly so that you get the maximum results out of your look .

Tips On How To Apply Lipstick Perfectly:

Understand your lips:

Understand which lipstick shades and brands suit your lips. Also consider your skin tone when selecting the lipstick colour. A red based on blue tones suits fairer skin. In the same vein sparkly pink does not suit all skin tones.Test all the shades against your skin.Keep in mind that the same pink in matte or lip gloss will provide a different hue.

Lip care:

Remember, not applying a Lip balm or a Lip liner before applying lipstick is a crime to your lips as dry lips causes caking of your lipstick.

Based on skin tone:

1. Fair Skin:

fair skin

Opt for light nude, icy pink, pastels, light peach, fuchsia, bright red, orange red or coral. These shades will enhance your skin tone and you’ll surely stand out among your friends.

This nude look is complimented by dark / smoky eye makeup.These pretty colors will help you shine in a party as well as an office.

2. Moderate /Olive Skin:

olive skin

Opt for lip shades like medium nude, brown, metallic nude, all metallic, pink, cool-tone reds and bright corals These compliment your olive skin tones and provide a pop of color.Cool tone colors can be worn at the office for a change of pace.

3. Dark Skin:

dark skin

You should check out one of those bright colours like deeper brown, all metallic (bronze and gold mixes), pink, deeper peach tones, bright fuchsia, all reds (if your skin has a golden-yellow tone, try avoiding orange reds), deeper wine reds, deep eggplant and purple.

Steps to apply lipstick perfectly:

steps to apply lipstick perfectly

  1. Prep your lip line with a complimenting lip liner to prevent feathering. Apply lipstick carefully from one corner to the other ensuring that you go along the outline of your lips. Start with the Upper lip .
  2. Use the same process on the Lower lip too.
  3. Apply another coat if desired but remember this can make the lips greasy. So only apply another coat if you feel the lipstick has not been applied properly. You can use a Lip gloss to add Shine/Gloss if required.

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Before applying lipstick:

before applying lipstick

After applying lipstick perfectly:

after applying lipstick perfectly

I hope this article guides you in choosing as well as applying lipstick correctly.

Also consider using a 24 lipstick from Revlon etc.These lipsticks come with a separate clear applicator which ensures that your lipstick lasts even after eating.So ladies , lets embrace a well done up look . If you have any suggestions, please write to us in the comments box below.

At the end here are a few tips to have that fabulous polished look

  • Apply a lip balm or a lip conditioner.
  • Apply a lip liner if needed. This helps to create a foundation so that the lipstick can blend well and last longer.
  • Also use a liner if you have thin lips as it will make the lips appear plumper.
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