How To Choose The Right Hair Brush? June 23, 2016

A hair brush can be your best investment for your hair, but the wrong brush added to the wrong brushing technique can totally wreak havoc with your hair, without you even knowing it. You might end up loosing hair or maybe have to deal with some insane frizz. You can even cause damage in the long run. And all this just by picking the wrong hair brush.

Here’s a guide on selecting the right hair brushes:

When picking a hair brush there are two things to keep in mind. The purpose of the hair brush and the kind of bristles it has. And it is on basis of this that we have classified them here.

1. The design of the brush :  Types of hair brushes

Paddle brush:

These are generally square, flat and wide, and are suitable for everyday hair brushing.   They are best suited to girls with long, smooth hair. It is great for straightening medium to long hair, a paddle hair brush smooths as it lengthens. As opposed to the round brush, this style encourages hair to lie flat and is better for hair which is not layered too much.

Vent brush:

These are meant for hair drying using a hair-dryer. They have holes/ vents in them which allow air circulation inside the brush, for faster blow drying. These brushes also pump up hair volume and detangle your hair.

Cushion brush:

the body of the brush has a soft cushion in which the bristles are embedded. These are suitable for medium to long hair. This brush massages your scalp and is meant for daily use.

Round brushes:

These are used to blow-dry and style the hair, and are available in various barrel sizes. It gives a curl and definition to hairstyles. If you wish for nice tight curls, go for a round brush with smaller diameter. Best for short hair beauties. However, if you want loose beach curls, get one with a large diameter. Enjoy curly hair fit for any party!

Thermal brushes:

These brushes have a metallic, and are ideal for blow drying combined with styling. These heat up like a curling iron, with the help of a blow dryer, and can be used to curl the hair and add volume.

Ceramic brushes:

These brushes have a ceramic barrel, and they make the hair smooth and frizz free while blow drying and styling.

2. Bristle types :

Boar Bristles:

Boar bristles: Boar bristles are natural bristles, and such brushes are best suited for girls with fine or damaged hair. They help in creating shiny, sleek looks with the hair, by distributing natural oils from the scalp throughout the length of the hair.

Nylon bristles :

These are meant for girls with thick, curly/ wavy hair, as nylon bristles are sturdier than natural bristles.

Ionic bristles:

These are made up of the same ceramic material as the brushes above, and are usually found on the ceramic brushes. They distribute the heat evenly, and impart a sleek, shiny hair look.

So depending on your hair type, and your particular hair needs, you may select the right hair brush using the above guide.

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