A donut bun? Yes Please!

Donut bun is a simple to create updo for a stunning style. It’s often referred to as the air hostess bun as it’s seen mostly on air hostesses. But this bun, when paired with any dress adds a certain pizzazz to your look.

Hair updos add a sophisticated edge to your look. Starlets often use buns for social events such as award functions. Now you too, can achieve this instant glam look at home.Try this look at your next party and you will get rave reviews.

Let’s quickly see a pictorial on creating this hair bun.

  • This pictorial is apt for ladies with medium to long hair without many layers.
  • If you have many layers you can use the same technique but you might get a messy bun.This messy bun is also the latest fad.Just tease more tendrils out of the bun and you will get ramp ready hair

Products Needed for Donut Bun Hairstyles:

  • Thin elastic
  • Many bobby pins
  • Mirror to check the symmetry of the bun.
  • A hair clip will also be needed if you have long hair

How to:

Step 1: Brush


Brush your hair and tie it into a tight pony tail with the help of the elastic. If you have just one short layer, you can style it as shown below or in any way you like it. This ensures only the hair with even length is secured into a pony.

Step 2: Twist & Wrap

twist & wrap

As shown in the picture, start twisting the pony tightly in one direction. As you twist continue to wrap the pony to form a loop. Try and tuck in any loose hairs at your nape.

Step 3: Loop and Secure

loop and secure

Once you form a loop hold it with your palm as shown and secure the remaining hair with a hair clip as shown. This will ensure that your hair stays put.

Step 4: Bobby Pins

bobby pins

Pin your hair in place using the 1st set of bobby pins at places pointed, to give maximum strength to the bun.

Step 5:

step five

Now, you can remove the clip and wrap or tuck the remaining hair beneath this loop. Add as many bobby pins as needed. It took me around 7-8 bobby pins to get a secured bun.

Oh, don’t forget this is the step where you should keep checking in the mirror to make sure your loop is symmetrical. If the loop is not symmetrical, adjust it in the required direction and keep adding bobby pins

Step 6:

step six

Now, just give a cursory glance to your hair fix any fly-aways with styling products of your choice.

That’s it! You are all done!

It takes a bit of practice but once you get the hang of it, you can be styled in a jiffy.

Styling Options for Donut Bun Hairstyles:

You can follow the same procedure to get a donut bun at different positions on your head. Tie a high pony or a side pony, twist, wrap, bobby pins and you get a top bun or a side bun respectively.

High Bun:

high bun

This is a perfect look for both indian and western wear.Its easy to maintain.It can further be embellished by adding some flowers or a statement clip.

Side Bun:

side bun

The side bun is perfect for a casual get together .A pretty hair band or flower clips around the bun will give a glam look

Watch a Video from StylecrazeTV – How To Do A Donut Bun Hairstyle – Tutorial & Tips

Hope you liked this hair-do. If you recreate the same the please do share the pictures with us.

  • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/vedasri/ vedasri

    I’ve been looking for a tutorial on how to do Bun Hairstyle. All the other tutorials makes me confused and when I try it, I fail! But this tutorial = BEST TUTORIAL! Never thought it could be that easy!! I’m well happy.Keep up the good work.

    • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/vish/ Vish

      Hello Vedasri :)
      so very glad to know that you loved it and feel it’s the best :)
      Did you try it yet?

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    very nice post !! Always looking for more high and side buns tutorial :)